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Hey there!

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Hey guys, new to Heresy Online here. I play Chaos Space Marines and enjoy cold beer. Anything else ya wanna know, fire away!
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Thanks for the welcome guys!

I am currently sitting on a Battleforce, of which I turned my Possessed into Chosen by arming them with bolters, pistols, power weapons and Greenstuff. Working on a custom Obliterator using about a dozen gun bits, lotsa green stuff and a loyalist Terminator. I also have a Demon Prince with Wings, who is shelved until I find someway cool to green-stuff the hell out of him. All of my basic marines are getting green-stuffed as well, cloaks, mutations and whatnot. I also have a Loyalist Land Raider that's getting converted to Chaos as well, although its a bit of a point-sink for the amount of models I have currently. Also have a Winged Lord with Lighting Claws and a Winged Sorcerer as well. Looking to get my hands on a squad of Termies and several Obliterators, but I won't be able to get my hands on anything new until after I move.

I'll drink just about anything as long as it's cold, Medic Marine!
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It will take more than cookies and milk to temp me away from the seductive powers of... wait did you say The Captain and Mr. Daniels? So where we gaming at this weekend? :biggrin:
Actually I am currently in Sonora Mexico, nice, boring little resort town. No Warhammer players here, at all. Only buddy I had to play with moved to the states. I am actually ganna be moving up to Lake Tahoe, California here soon. Anyone in that area?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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