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hey there

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hey my names Alysha, im 15 r old girl and i live in Australia.
I'm pretty new to Warhammer and have started a Mech Tau army. because they are super cool and stuff. I also like Orks, Dark Eldar and Necrons and will prob do my armies in that order. my army is painted grey-blues like space wolves grey, shadow grey and codex grey. with some assorted oranges. im not a fan of Tyranids and am planning a way to defeat them when i play against a friend. as long as i get first turn its all good. so that pretty much it for now.

Mont'yr xxx:so_happy:
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hey Mont'yr welcome :).

your bound to find other Tau players here that could help you in beating tyranids.

maybe in the gallery when you get use to the site you could post up some pics of what you have done in your tau army.
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