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hey there

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hey my names Alysha, im 15 r old girl and i live in Australia.
I'm pretty new to Warhammer and have started a Mech Tau army. because they are super cool and stuff. I also like Orks, Dark Eldar and Necrons and will prob do my armies in that order. my army is painted grey-blues like space wolves grey, shadow grey and codex grey. with some assorted oranges. im not a fan of Tyranids and am planning a way to defeat them when i play against a friend. as long as i get first turn its all good. so that pretty much it for now.

Mont'yr xxx:so_happy:
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hey and welcome~
im also a girl, 15 and from australia too! good to see some more girls into the game
ive been playing for 3 years, eldar~
cya round the boards, great to meet you!
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