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Hey grim reaper.
Please dont kill me :suicide::russianroulette::hang1::blackeye::hang2:
Seriously though...

Welcome to the Heresy.
Enjoy your stay... or else.
AGGHH! My computers Humour Drive is going mental.
3rd time lucky...

Welcome to the Heresy.
Enjoy your stay zekkjsnsqqjjsnxsiahe!

Oh, **** it...

(sorry 'bout the extreme over-use of general randomness in this post. No-body was hurt in the making of this post. Except a few people who died of groaning when they read it...)
(And a few cats I punted out of boredom. Yay, more randomness!)
(Maybe I'll stop putting these bracketed thingymajigs now...)
(Or not.)
(Okay, now I seriously will)
(Yay, randomness again!)
(Don't worry, this is the last one.)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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