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Hey heretics

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Hey all,

Just getting back into 40k after a very long absence (about 12 years :) ) and was looking for army tips and tactics etc when i stumbled on this great site.
A bit about me:
played d&d, wfrp, fantasy battle and 40k until late teens, always kept an interest in the genre but stopped gaming when i got seduced by online rts games... 12 years later i found a few old books and models, started painting again and got completely re-hooked, haven't had a proper battle yet only a few skirmishes as i haven't got a decent enough sized army yet. Plumped for marines as they seemed relatively straightforward, hopefully should be ready for a few decent sized battles in a couple of weeks. :biggrin:


thats me, oh and i'm from london, uk :good:
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Welcome. Marines are nice because they are very straight-forward but still have enough depth that you can spend a LONG time mastering them.

Looking forward to seeing you around Heresy.
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