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Hey guys

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Right - I was around here a little while ago, however I'm going to start fresh and introduce myself properly, as I'm going to be a lot more active.

My name is Jabez, I live in north east England.
I have many hobbies/interests, including Kendo, other martial arts, socialising, gaming and wargaming -
Which leads me on to the next bit.

I came into the wargaming hobby a few years back, after wandering into my local GW in Durham. There, I was surrounded by a myriad of awesome looking models, people building things, painting - I knew it was for me.
So, the next time I visited, I picked up an Eldar WH40K codex (After much deliberation xD ). Buying a battleforce and some paints, tools, etc, I began attending the Sunday "how to play" beginners sessions... I soon new a lot of tactics, tips, and was also building up a formidable army.

I got to around 2000pts of Eldar, then I began to get a little bit bored of them. I liked the playstyle, and they were fun to paint, but I just wanted a change. So, after realising I had around 100 quid around, I bought a chaos space marine warforce box, mainly because I had started to think more about modeling, and wanted to have an army that I could do some awesome conversions with. Ironically, after opening it up, I realised I liked the models as they were, so did very little of this xD Took lots of care with painting these, and chose the Steel Brethren legion/warband - I loved the colour scheme, just silver with black trims - looked effective, and easy to paint ^^ After growing my army a little bit more, I was happy with my for4ce and decided to leave it as it was - May add some more soon, however at the moment it is my solid 2000pt army for little challenges at my local GW. 1000pt skirmishes being my Eldars turn.

After leaving CSM alone, I sort of had a lot of stuff going on - I won a Skaven army at some event (think it was some army release) and swiftly painted them up - My best painted models to date are in this army (made a thread a while back, check it out ^^ Don't be afraid of threadomancy, I plan to update it a lil' soon). This is what got me into warhammer. I also made my biggest army to date, and the only one that's pretty much got a conversion on every model, my Orks :) I liked the playstyle - you could be extremely aggressive, yet be tactical. Only flaw was Ork models, the basic foot guys, are amazingly boring to paint >< With eldar you can do it to a sort of production line, where you do the same basecoat to every model, wash them all together, etc. With orks, if you do em all the same they look "$%£. So I tried to do each one uniquely and individually - With what I've done so far, this looks awesome, especially with the conversions, so this is a working project. Not counted them all 100%, but I have at least enough for a medium sized apocalypse game. Also, around this time, I tried LOTR and this I ebb in and out of - I have a small evil army, pretty much all easterlings, uruk hai and goblins. Paint the odd one whenever :L Got some lizardmen i want to work on to.

At the moment, I am coming out of a long, few year long break from the hobby. I hope xD With the newish Daemons, I'm going to start and make either a 40K or fantasy army, probably fantasy because of the new ruleset. Got a FB codex ready to, so most likely that one :)
Will be posting regularly my hobby doings, make sure to keep watch ^^

Needz (got the name from a Ork forum I used to frequent, it stuck xD )
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welcome i look forward to seeing you in the forums.
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