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Hey guys need help with pricing of CHAOS army

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I dont really know how much its worth, its been handed down to me from my big brother. Someone told me 800 was actually a lot lower than what its worth? also do you guys know of any better websites for selling 40k? I'm not sure of what the best website would be. any help would be greatly appreciated.

heres the army
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The link has ".com.au" at the end what seems a bit odd to me.

If you just list what you have people can probably work it out as rough value.
Also maybe upload a picky as things like 80s greater daemons are tiny while newer ones are huge.
I just wasn't sure as over here in the real world (UK) we have ".co.uk" for our stuff. Stuff like ".com.fl" is generally evil old hacky evil stuffs.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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