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So I'm just getting back into the hobby after about 8/9 years off. I randomly had a dream about warhammer a few weeks back and it spurred me to check it back out again. I have now found the spark again and can't wait to get playing, this time going to leave the legions of chaos behind me and take the space wolves into battle. Always enjoyed their fluff and now there's no better time for a fresh start. Also started from the beginning again with the hours heresy novels, forgot how awesome they were. So anyway that's me, I'll be looking for a gaming community in the Buckinghamshire area if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks all 馃榾:grin:

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Well a little different, dreaming of warhammer.... well whatever get you back into the game. Spacewolves are a good pick with the new 40k kits and all the heresy stuff that will be coming soon I'd think at least.

Well look forward to seeing some of your work

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Welcome to Heresy!
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