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Here's basically what it boils down to:

Black Templars: Close Combat army

Blood Angels: Close Combat Army

Space Wolves: Can be configured to either CC or Shooting with equally nice results

Dark Angels: I would say mostly shooty

Ultramarines: Anything really, they're just your standard Codex SM list with no extras

Oh, here's some xenos for your friend:

Eldar: Shooty, CC, whatever, the eldar can do it all. I am on an eternal quest to beat the living bejesus out of my friend's eldar army, with mixed results. (They're just that crazy!)

Dark Eldar: Extremely fast, but individually weak and lack a lot of heavy hitting units. Mainly useful as a veteran army, as one mistake and you're boned.

Tyranids: A swarm army (that means a lot of insignificant models that you put together to swarm your opponent) with arguably the best CC ability in 40K. If you end up in CC with the nids, you're doing something wrong, and are most likely going to lose. To balance this out, they also have a lot of larger xenos, equipped with crazy guns that rip through tanks like no one's business.

Tau: The shootiest army on the board (Well, Imperial Guard can give 'em a run for their money, but still). Armed with shiny guns, shiny tanks, shiny robots, shiny mechasuits, they are one of the most techologically advanced races on the table, and you would do well to close into CC pretty damn quick if you don't want to be torn to shreds by pulse rifle fire. They suck at CC (When a guardsman stands a better chance at beating you, you suck) so they hire Kroot Mercs to fight in CC for them.


Greenskins have a one track mind when it comes to making war: close with the enemy and beat them to shit with giant axes, blades and chainsaws. An extremely effective CC army. That's not to say you couldn't use them as a shooty army, you could. Bear in mind though, one ork with a shoota can't hit the broad side of a Baneblade. 100 Orks with shootas, on the other hand...

Am I forgetting anyone? Don't think so. Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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