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hey all!

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hey all, im jamie!

long time chaos, tyranid, tau and space marine player, ive had a decent sized dark eldar army to my name but i have no idea hwere that got to :p

ive been playing for almost 13 years now and i live in games workshop glasgow (thats scotland btw... ok, so maybe its my second home, im 18 and still live with the folks :p) im a student and im just getting back into the hobby now after lots of studying! some of you might know how much of a bummer that is!

introduced to this site via 'MarzM' or martin to me over here :p he knows more about 40k than most of the gw development team does

guess thats it! i'll put a pic up when i figure out how to post pictures :twisted:

oh yeah chose this handle because its my second name :D

jamie morrison


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wow thanks a lot guys! massively warm welcome, something that other forums lack is a community thing but its good to see it grows on trees here :D

yer ermmm...

Death guard: 6000
Space marines: 1500 and 500
Tyranids: old codex: 3000, new codex: 1500
tau: 1500
imperial (traitor) guard: 1500
my mates necrons in my cupboard: god knows

dwarfs: 4000
ogres: 2000

chaos fleet: 1500
inquisitor: a psyker that looks suspiciously like the necron deciever

lotr (the hated)=
warg riders: 300
woods elfs: 300

the product of 13 years and counting :D

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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