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hey all!

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hey all, im jamie!

long time chaos, tyranid, tau and space marine player, ive had a decent sized dark eldar army to my name but i have no idea hwere that got to :p

ive been playing for almost 13 years now and i live in games workshop glasgow (thats scotland btw... ok, so maybe its my second home, im 18 and still live with the folks :p) im a student and im just getting back into the hobby now after lots of studying! some of you might know how much of a bummer that is!

introduced to this site via 'MarzM' or martin to me over here :p he knows more about 40k than most of the gw development team does

guess thats it! i'll put a pic up when i figure out how to post pictures :twisted:

oh yeah chose this handle because its my second name :D

jamie morrison


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welcome to Heresy, if you need nething bout fluff you should ask me, ordo xeno commander, jacobite, nightmarine and seabovine. really good fluff going on with us. everyone here is real family like and friendly, givin criticizm and ideas to w/e you want.

-When in doubt, look to the Moon
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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