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Heroic killing blow?

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As I have yet to get my hands on an army book, I was wondering if any of you could enlighten me...Is heroic killing blow something ALL models have? Because Im just curious, since my DE executioners have killing blow as standard,and most likely have some of their points cost attributed to it...it would sort of suck if everyone gets it now :p
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Page 72 in the rule book gives killing blow as effective against Infantry, cavalry and war beasts. all others are too large to be affected. Of note is the fact that if you auto wound (i.e poison attack to hit on 6), the killing blow does not happen.

Heroic killing blow affects everything (except swarms).

According to this page, the model has to have the rule for it to get the special attack. So, no, everyone does not have killing blow.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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