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Heretics, Renegades, and Rogue Traders

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I've just been invited this board so i'd give it a shot. I live in KY and I have a SOB dedicated Witch-hunter army of at least 2k. I'm currently building up an IG armoured fist/ all tank division and a dark angel(almost chaos-ish) based army for my son. Hence the sn SonsofOrion. I'm into scratch building and conversion of vehicles. I'd like to see some of the "pimp my ride"/rhino style contest that are going on in the 40k circuit.
well more from me later :arrow:
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Dead laptops get stripped for useful parts. Parts not useful (the HDD is useful, but most of the remainder isn't anymore) have a knack for becoming terrain bitz around this house (much like radios, and telephones inluding a couple ancient cell phones).
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