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Bane of Empires
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Welcome to Heresy-Online's background FAQ. This thread is a collection of the most common questions/theories/subjects abound in this 40k fluff forum. This was created with the intention to prevent too many threads dedicated to the same topic, and to help people to easily find particular answers they are looking for.

The Emperor.

Astartes Legion sizes.

  • Aaron Dembski-Bowden confirms Crusade-era Legion sizes: Link.

Ways to kill Lucius the Eternal.

Astartes sexuality and female Astartes/Primarchs.

Are Astartes immortal? Can they die of natural causes?

The Alpha Legion.

The Lost Primarchs.
  • Gav Thorpe on whether the Lost Primarchs will ever appear in the Heresy series: Link.

Dark Angels... Traitors?

Are the Chaos Gods 'good' or 'evil'?

Nature and power of the Chaos Gods/Chaos in general.

Are the Fantasy and 40k Universes linked?

Eldar Mythology and the Eldar in general.

(Those infamous) Versus Threads.

Abaddon the Despoiler and the Black Crusades.

The Primarchs in General.

The Traitor Primarchs.

The Horus Heresy

On Xenos...

The End of 40k. The Future.

40k Canon

The Nature of 40k - an established setting or progressional storyline?
  • Aaron Dembski-Bowden explains the nature of the 40k setting: Link.

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Five Star rating and rep for this, dude. :victory:

I had been racking my head trying to figure out a way to solve the repeat threads problem, and you beat me to it with a top idea.

In retrospect, i little brainwork probably would have worked better than headbutting a rack. :crazy:

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This is a fantastic recourse.


Unfortunately, this will not cure the plague that is doppelganger threads; if posting something like this actually stopped things like that we wouldn't have new members continually posting their homebrew shit in the official fluff section.

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oh, good, someone stickied this, i clearly wasn't online when you decided to post it. I'm glad you did this CotE. When you asked me if this would be a good idea, i was like Hell YES!! so +rep from me. This will feature on HNN as well for Thursday. :)


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I've been wondering when would you come up with this. :p Nevertheless, +rep for being a bro and making learning easier for us. Thank you. :) I wonder how long the list will be say one year from now...

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I think Child-Of-The-Emperor should be granted modpower, just so that he could sticky his own threads! :victory: +rep man!
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