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Tough one this month... but as it is about Ogryns and I like Ogryns ( I have a character in my story "Hunted" caled Dombi), this would have won it anyway!
Myen'Tal said:
I never would have guessed that they were Ogryn until you revealed that fact. Interesting and intense action sequence, but I think my favorite part was envisioning an entire tribe lazing about in the new spring sun, waiting for fresh food to spring up from the earth. Really good story.
You'll be seeing a bit more of these guys. This was just their intro. This world and critters are actually a Traveller adventure I'm building to run on Roll20 - just figured I'd changed the party into Ogryn.

I know I've only put time into Bleak Eternity - but I'll have to add Hunted for your Ogryn. Like I said - this tribe isn't one for history yet. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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