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The One

(In the darkness of space in the Eye of Terror, the Emperor’s Shield’s Chapter pulls its ships back from a brutal losing campaign against Black Legion forces.

Caldorn… the last Captain of the Emperor’s Shields watched as the last of the fleet was turned into a big ball of light through the escape pod. Debris clashed down on the surviving escape pods until only one remained. Captain Caldron and two remaining sergeants were shot into the darkest space of the eye.)

“Captain.” Captain Caldron had awaken from his deep sleep to the husky voice of Sergeant Dalkso.

“What is it Sergeant?” The defeated captain asked as he grasped the pain in his skull.

“We are approaching a planet Captain. We have enough oxygen for a few more hours, we must make planet fall.”

“Proceed Sergeant Dalkso. Sergeant Lyontis, make ready the engines towards the planet and be combat ready. We have no clue what awaits us.”

Sand crashed into the three armored figures whom had made a path through the sandstorm from their escape pod. Their yellow dented armor blended into the barren wasteland. The landscape seemed to be completely desert except for several big rocks and mountains randomly distributed throughout their journey. Though they could hardly see what lay behind them, they felt a sense of confidence and assurance that could not really be described.

All of a sudden the Captain stumbled on a large cobblestone step that had been covered in sand. The three Astartes had stumbled on a stone tomb covered in sand. Almost completely invisible through the sand except for a black space two meters in width and the imprints left on the cobblestone by their footsteps.

They entered the dark entrance…

“Search the tomb… weapons at the ready,” the captain said as he removed his helm. The two sergeants followed example while separating and patrolling separate ends of the tomb. Captain Caldron took the straight path down the corridor into a bigger chamber filled with many trophies, weapons, and skeletons hanging from the walls. Some of races and allies he had seen before throughout his long time in the chapter… some he didn’t. He came across a small bright glow coming towards the right corner of the large room and approached it with his plasma pistol.

There sat a hooded figure on what appeared to be a throne like structure covered in rags.

“Captain… I have been expecting… you,” the hooded figure said in a sly, mysterious voice.

Captain Caldron came close, with his pistol aimed at the figures head. “Who are you?

“I am the One who lost it all…”

An energized plasma pistol charged as the Captain responded to the hooded figures quaint tone. “Speak sense creature!!!”

The vibrations of the pistol grew uncontrollable until the captain’s left arms ignited in a small explosion with plasma burning half his body. The captain screamed in agony as he was slowly melting on the stone floor.

The hooded figure suddenly stood up and walked towards the melting armored figure, flaying and screaming in agony. His arms reached out through the darkness of his robe, glowing with humanlike hands. As he touched the melted corpse writhing in pain, the pain suddenly escaped the captain, and he stopped screaming.

The captain remained still from shock, and an unknowing ability about what to do. He lay on the floor, fully healed, until he reached out with his bear hand to gain a footing and face the hooded figure.

Confused and uneasy, the captain spoke to the creature again who had sat back on his throne.

“Who are you?” The captain asked in a naïve, unconfident tone. The captain spoke faster in what sounded like a nervous tone. “Are you a worshiper of the 4 deities? A sorcerous traitor?!! Stay away from me you freak!!!”

“Four? No… I am not. I am not a worshiper, or a traitor. But… I am the One.”

The creature starred into the fire and spoke back in his slow raspy voice.

“Before there was four, there was one. I had existed in the warp and the universe as perfection amongst the beings of the material universe. However, I…. did not wish to be an object of worship. Thus, I created 4 representations from myself to show the galaxy the path of enlightenment. They were Bravery, Perfection, Generosity, and Knowledge. They were perfect beings, that showed the universe my light… my vision.

However… one thing remained amongst the universe’s followers… their loyalty to me… This made the Four jealous and pushed the four to become more powerful and ambitious. They had changed their own names, Glory, Pleasure, Corruption, Distortion.

The 4 had become strong… celebrated… worshipped… by many beings of the universe, knowingly and unknowingly. They had become terrible… Concepts, meanings, and identities had become warped. I changed their names because they had become more warped than I could have imagined… Murder… Perversion… Disgust…Treachery.

The universe had become warped. I made it larger and kept the warped universe from spreading as best as I could. War had engulfed the universe. I made the choice of sending some of followers away from the warped parts of the universe and keeping some to fight the Four Alliance.

With neither side winning, a truce was set up on a planet at the center of the universe. I had waited for my four sons to come to a truce with me and to save them from being lost. It was this stone temple, made by our followers to the One and the Great Four, where I awaited them.

"My sons! Come out of the darkness to make peace."

All was quite until four voices said… “We are no longer your sons… We are…”

I was suddenly struck by an Axe… “KHORNE!!!” Then I was sliced through the torso… “Slaaneshh” Then hacked by a sythe…. “NURGLE” Lastly, I felt warp magic twist… “Tzteentch…”

I had been torn into pieces, by what had once been my beautiful sons and had now become monsters that were devouring what was left of me.

With my last remaining power I had pushed the warped part of the universe with my remaining strength into another existence, and separate from my loyalist children. The four had rushed and abandoned me to escape into uninfected universe only to be locked out forever. Their anger and screaming had twisted and mutated the rest of what used to be a galaxy into what you see… the warp. And I had been lost forever.

But now… is time to set things right… and I need a champion…”

Word Count 1098
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