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This is the award round-up for the second half of 2014, it allows us to recognize some of the outstanding members and contributions we have had. If you are given one of the awards you will receive a PM notification. Awards will appear in your viewable Membership Profile and under your Avatar. For more details on the Heresy Online's Awards system check the Heresy Online's Official Award Medals thread.

Please bear in mind not all awards will necessarily be awarded each half, some like the competitions awards for example will only be given out in the announcement following the competition. Others like Mark of Nurgle and Path of the Exarch are given as and when they are deemed worthy.

The Majority of these Awards will be presented by Heresy's Staff when the occasion is correct, but to keep these as a special item they will be fairly uncommon and only given to those that excel in those areas.

Do not pester Staff for any awards.

Awards may be stripped from a member by the Staff to keep the integrity of an Award should anyone disgrace the honours bestowed upon them.​

Wreath of Champions

This is awarded to all previous winners of the Member of the Month accolade.

Each winner of this Medal will have contributed to the boards in different ways for the betterment of Heresy and have been given the Award by Staff nomination and vote.

Nordicus, Mossy Toes, Sigur, Unxpekted22, SubtleDiscord, Tawa

Crest of the Terraforma

For consistently excellent scenery.

This is awarded for making terrain of the highest standard to create the perfect settings for battle.

dwez, The Tall One, 500poundterrain

Guilliman's Seal

For writing an exceptional tactical piece.

This award is for those wily few that have the tactical acumen to guide budding commanders in the best use of their forces.

Archon Dan, MidnightSun, Sethis, ntaw, Deus Mortis

The Mark of the Hydra

Award for excellence in finding and confirming rumours.

Awarded to those that bring in the advance news of changes to games and upcoming releases.

imm0rtal reaper, Einherjar667, Vaz, dragonkingofthestars, Brother Cato

Mark of Tzeentch

For winning a Conversion Contest.

Having exerted the power of change to reform a miniature to your will to win a competition.

Khorne's Fist, madfly-art, Moriouce, Ravion, ThaTallOne

Bonding Knife

Awarded to those that have a reputation of helpfulness about the boards.

Helping Heresy be the friendly and useful community that it is will gain this Award. Bonding Knife shows the members dedication to 'the greater good' of the forum.

ntaw, Nacho Libre, Xabre, Jace of Ultramar, Einherjar667, neferhet,

Mark of Slaanesh

Awarded for winning a painting Competition.

This award will be presented to those that have bedazzled us with their painting skills to win in a painting competition.

DaisyDuke, Ravion, roganzar

Order of the Astropath

Awarded for producing tutorials of the highest standard.

Being a Guiding Light in the tutorials forum earns the Order of the Astropath.

Nordicus, Awaken Realms, Wookiepelt, Nacho libre, Haskanael

Insignia of the Artisan

Awarded for excellence in painting displayed on the boards or in the Gallery.

Painters of renown that share their work across the boards or win competitions with their skills will receive this award.

MidnightSun, Nordicus, Uveron, Loli, The Tall One

Mark of the Remembrancer

Awarded to members for Role Playing based excellence.

Steadfast dedication and commitment in taking us off to the realms of your imagination with excellent roleplay will gain you this award.

nol, Deus Mortis

Crest of the Wise

For exceptional quality posting on the boards.

Consistent good quality posting will be rewarded with this Award.

MidnightSun, Oldman78, Kreuger

Mark of Nurgle

Awarded for long service.

Members who have survived all the boards have thrown at them and are still here to tell the tale are awarded this for proving their long term commitment.

Straken's_Fist, neferhet, iamtheeviltwin

Path of the Exarch

Awarded for long, dedicated service to the forums.

Members who have not only survived but kept the boards alive for years have walked the long Path of the Exarch.


Kiss of the Harlequin

Awarded for keeping humour on the boards.

Awarded to those who keep balance on the board by making excellent Off Topic contributions - especially humorous posts for the Laughing God.

Vaz, Tawa, Zion, Jace of Ultramar

Sigil of the Scarab

Exceptional contributors to the Heresy Sprue Database earn this accolade.

Those that fill the Sprue Database with a substantial quantity of usable submissions will gain this Award.

Wookiepelt, Deneris

All Images are the sole property of Heresy Online and are only for use on the boards of Heresy with permission of the sites owner.

Any improper use of Award images will result in serious action being taken against individual misusing the artworks.​

A big congrats to all of the winners. Keep the quality content pouring in. :victory:

The awards should be handed out over the next few days. :)

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Well done to all, well deserved! :good:

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What in the name of Jimmy is my name doing on there.... Damn.

Congratulations to everyone though.
That's it, you're screwed now. It's the top of a slippery slope that is! :laugh:

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Thanks! That was quite a surprise.

And congratulations to everyone else for keeping this forum a great place to contribute.


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Well, considering how RL and work are reducing my spare time, it's amazing to see my name in here! Thanks guys! (coincidentally this week i bought some Taus...must be a sign!"

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Imagine my surprise when I get a message today, and see I won an award. Then I read the description; Bonding Knife - for winning a conversion contest. *scratches head* Then I read this thread, and things make much more sense. Congrats to everyone!

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Guess I need to grease my ass then so I can slide down easier.
Just come into the staff locker room for a minute...... :crazy:

Wow... Thanks!!! Did not expect this. Congrats to all the other award winners as well!
You deserve it mate after all the stuff you've fired at us! :good:
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