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Heresy motivation/ Loki's painting journey

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Ok fellow heretics, I need your collective motivation. No prizes or threats or anything like that, just chime in and tell me what YOU want me to paint. I have so many models sitting here that when I pick something to work on, I think of something else, and then go work on that. It's like I have some ADHD when it comes to mini's. So, I'm going to leave it up to you all to decide what I work on for the week.
How you may ask? Well, I'm going to list everything that I have. All you have to do is say what YOU want to see painted. Starting on monday, I will work on that project only, until the following sunday, when I will take your next pick and start working on that. I'm not going to do a poll for this as there would just be too many options. So all you have to do is just pick something from the list, drop a comment, and every sunday I will count up the latest posts, announce the new weeks project, and get to work. Be specific if you want (I.E. the RW bikers) or broad (I.E. Dark Angels).
If you all do your part in telling me what to paint, I will do my part in painting said items AND I will post pictures of them every week in this plog. Sound good? Good!
Here is the list to choose from:
Dark Angels: 20+ TEQ, 60+ MEQ, 30+ RW bikers, 10'ish vehicles
CSM (Crimson slaughter): 10+ TEQ, 30+ MEQ, 10 bikes, 5 vehicles
Tau: 3 Riptides, 60+ infantry, 10'ish vehicles, 2 broadsides, 6 pathfinders
Knights: x2
Ultra Marines detachment
GK (currently being stripped and put back together)
Necrons: About 5k worth sitting waiting for the paint gods to bless them.
Enforcers, Rebs, Marauders, Plague, Zombies, Scenery
Wrath of Kings:
Shael Han, Nasier, Teknes, Goritsi, Hadross (Each on of these is the house and contains roughly 40'ish mini's per house)
Massive mix of mini's. Really just bought what I liked the look of.
Season 3 mini's (still waiting on wave 2 to get here)
Bones 2:
I bought it ALL in this KS. So there are a ton of dragons and what not.
Dreadball xtreme:
Did the KS as well on this and got everything. Some stuff is still shipping but I have most of it.
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That's a terrifying amount of minis.

That said, KNIGHTS
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