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So, a friend of mine and I are going to be starting a small KT campaign just b/w the 2 of us. We'll be using the Heralds of Ruin KT rules. He'll be using Inquisition or Sisters. I'm planning on running Iyanden Eldar and trying to stick to the models that I currently have. Here is what I've come up w/ for a list:

Warlock w/ Death Speaker
2 Dire Avenger
4 Guardian
2 Ranger
2 Wraithguard
War Walker w/ Scatter Laser & Starcannon

It comes out to 250 on the nose.

We've only played a few games of KT and I've used Eldar (this list), Necrons, and Space Wolves. Didn't want to use Necrons since I pretty much mopped the floor (D-Lords are DIRTY!). Didn't want to use SW since I didn't want it to be an Imperial MEq slug fest. So, that left me w/ my Iyanden Eldar.

The one game I used the Eldar in was a lot of fun: sniper battle of Rangers vs Scouts, made 2 fire teams consisting of 1 DA & 2 Guardian, walker off blowing stuff away (Scatter Laser ability to make other shots TL is really nice w/ Starcannon vs MEq) and the warlock toted around w/ the bodyguard of WG. The psychic power I got didn't make much of a difference IIRC.

Anyway, anyone w/ some KT experience have any tips/advice/CC on the list?
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