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Hephesto's other WIPS

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Well, my word bearers are on halt again.....I just don't have the time to
paint whole squads right now. Especially if the army has two 12 men

So instead I figured I would spend some time on a few other minis on
which I can dabbled whenever I do end up having some spare time.
First up is a diorama I've been saying I would do for as long as I had the
mini for Inquisitor Gideon Lorr.

Since he has 3 veteran guardsman I figured I'd best start working on
these, so here are the wips of the first 2. First up an Elysian-style veteran,
build from catachan bits and the head of a sentinel driver.

And secondly a vostroyan veteran made from the very cool vostroyan
sniper that can out around the Medusa V campaign. I couldn't resist buying
this model, but it has been sitting idle on a shelf ever since. But no longer,
a bit of slice 'n dice and 1 wip veteran coming up. The cloack still needs
quite a bit of work, but at least it is starting to look smooth right now. Still
find it very strange that a citycamo sniper would have a camocloack that
also has leaves on it :wink:

I'm working on the third veteran as well as ideas for the scenic base, looks
like a lott of work but if all turns out well it should end up great.
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Anphicar said:
So what are those green nurgle like things exactly?

Is that an uber mini forest? :?
Yes, a mini-minature for Mighty Empires. It is on a trimmed down staandard 40K base :D

Planning on putting together an article with some extra buildings for other races like the two you got with White Dwarf. As well as having a good loo at how this stuff could be used for 40K.....if that stupid shop can get the box that is...... :?
Holy crap! It is?!

I have to see the actual models!
Anphicar said:
Holy crap! It is?!

I have to see the actual models!
A better picture should also help to get an idea of its scale. Here are the two tiles that came with WD, the Athel Loren marker and a wip Vampire counts citadel next to one of my old Iron Warriors. EDIT: looks like the pic was a bit to big, so it got rescaled. Just click on it for full-scale :wink:

The general idea I have is to make a special building for each of the other race with two main objectives;
1. Give a suggestions what you could to to make your race's citadel unique
2. If you want to add a twist use the fan rules for them to represent race unique bonus buildings :wink:

And of course I'll be looking at 40K as well......and Mordheim....now it that @#^*$*# store would finally get that box!
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Still no frigging Mighty Empires at my store :evil:

Ah well, at least it will give me some time to work on my Wood Elves and my entry for a Pirate themed competition. Seriously got carried away, it is turning into a full unit;

But since the competition is for a single model, I'll be using this fellow;

And finally I'm also joining in on a building project for the whole Armageddon buzz, over the course of many months a group of us over at astro will be building up 3000point armies. Some starting from scratch other adding to excisting forces. I'll be using the opportunity to upgrade my old Iron Warriors oto the new dex, might as well increase their numbers to 3000 points.
gallery with old stuff
Kinda lucked out yesterday bought the following for 23 euro;

Think my Iron Warriors will be getting some Emperor's Children reinforcements, and of course a new shiny lord, chaos vindicator and various other bits and pieces :wink:
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Finally finished my mini....took me long enough though. Sorry about the less then perfect picture, for some reason all my pics today end up disastrous. Maybe I'll replace it tonight/tomorrow with some better ones.

So to start this one of here's Gibbitz - Lookout and spotter of the Riva Pirates, which would actually make him useful…if he didn’t have the concentration of a Squig on darkcave mushrooms that is :wink:

He and the rest of the Pirates, together with some new once will be playing a part in my Wood Elf army. More in this in a while!

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Lol nice dude. Very humerous - especially with the description.

Love the texturing on the telescope, brillaint.

Good luck for the competition.
Thanks as I'm still the only to enter I think I have a shot :lol:

Did manage to score to 'most 40K mini' for the last competition with my word bearer champion.
Love the squid :D
The Wraithlord said:
Love the squid :D
Thanks, me too. To be honest I was very doubtful about it at first, but he just turned out so cool. I just can't stop making small critters and familiars for new units and armies.......and as I'm working on Wood Elves you can probably imagine things are getting out of controle :wink:

But now to paint the rest and add 4 more and I'll have a bizarre count-as glade guard unit I need to work into the storyline of my army.

...the things I go through to make things unique :D
hephesto said:
...the things I go through to make things unique :D
Well worth it though mate, as always your minis are well thought out and realised. Mmmmm squid. :)
Thanks Vash, that's about the nicest compliment I've gotten in quite a while. The funny thing is that I actually don't plan at all, I generally start from an idea and see where it will take me........sounds a bit new age doesn't it :wink:

I generally don't necesarrily strive to make each new mini better than the last, but just to keep trying out new stuff, while letting things take as much time as needed. Sometimes this means an army in 2 months, in other occassions it means one mini in 2 months.....damned Gideon Lorr diorama needs to get finished one of these days :)
Well some people (like you) work better that way than planning it out and then in mid conversion you don't like what you do :?

But as lkong as you're enjoying what your doing it shouldn't matter how long your take...unless its for a game the next day :shock: :)
Very true there Faol, it is probably mostly because I do lotts of loose conversions and not many larger projects. I'm slowly working on Wood Elves at the moment and those are getting a lott of thought. But the actual conversions are still more spontanous creations to me.....with some weird stuff like pirate goblins thrown into the mix every now and then :wink:
lol, I didn't say how long you had thought just well thought. :D

Organic evoluton is the way most of my conversions have been spawned too.
Insert Cylon voice ''by your command'' :wink:

Well as requested a quick and easy way to add some variation to your power armoured heroes and villains in the form of the cyclops pattern helmet. Had a bit of free time so I put together some new examples as well.

After messing around with Chaos bits and pieces for years I eventually turned my attentions to changing stuff on their helmets. A few years ago this resulted in the Cyclops pattern helmet, something I'm guessing was inspired by watching Battlestar Galactic when I was young(er). But back to the present, I was doing some test minis for the legion-project when I was asked how I made those helmets. So it seemed a good time for another mni-tutorial.

All you need for this is a bunch of helmets, a thin sharp hobbying knife and some imagination.

Well grab that knife and those heads and start by the obligatory removal of moldlines. After that just pick a head or plan a bit if you're ging for a particlar effect. As you may have noticed most SM and CSM helmets have their eyes placed on the same horizontal line. Usually with a small indent in the middle of as with some of the SM a small point.

The idea here is very simple, take the hobby knife and cut a line in the top section of the armour between the eyes. Take care here to cut on that horizontal line I just talked about and of course not to cut to deep. Now comes the annoying part; getting the cyclops helmet to look decent. You now have a nice shallow cut and now you can use your thin knifeblade to slowly scrape/shave out the armour section. It is better to do this with minimal corrections instead of risking a total helmet destruction. So bettr to have to make shallow cuts and corrections instead of butchering the poor helmet.

Uses for the cyclops pattern helmet

1. Simply to add some variation, this can be very needed if you've been playing around with Chaos bits and pieces as long as me :wink:

2. The helmet really has that detached, emotionless feel to it so it works great for the methodical nature of the Iron Warriors. But it can be used for various other colourschemes as well

3. It also works great for Nurgle themed armies where the large visor gives the already vile horde an even more unhuman/insectoid appearance. In addition it can be used (with a bit of modification) as an easy and quick replacement for thousand sons marine heads. Or as CSM bearing an Tzeentch icon;

Well that finishes of another mini-tutorial, hope this will be helpful for somebody....I've been having fun with these for years now :wink:
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That is awesome. Will definitely be doing some of this for my own models.
The Wraithlord said:
That is awesome. Will definitely be doing some of this for my own models.
My pleasure Wraith, also put it in an article for the database. That way everybody can find it back!

Looking forward to seeing some pics of your cyclopean chaos marines, let me guess you're going with Tzeentch :wink:
Actually, that's pretty impressive. Somehow, the simplest things always are. Might borrow the idea for my Thousand Sons sorcerers who're wearing helmets... I need to make at least four new ones since all of my sorcerers had power fists... *grumble...*
The Son of Horus said:
Actually, that's pretty impressive. Somehow, the simplest things always are. Might borrow the idea for my Thousand Sons sorcerers who're wearing helmets... I need to make at least four new ones since all of my sorcerers had power fists... *grumble...*
I was as impressed as you and even slightly suprised when I tried it out the first time during a silly 'I don't have enough bits to make a complete marine, but loads of spare parts'-moment :wink:

Be sure to post up some pics if you end of trying it, never tried them out on anything but standard CSM infantry, so sorcerors would be seriously sweet. But indeed a shame you can't used those powerfists anymore.
Yep, Im gonna try the cyclops visor on a Slaanesh champ. You have started a new fashion Heph. :D
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