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Hephesto's other WIPS

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Well, my word bearers are on halt again.....I just don't have the time to
paint whole squads right now. Especially if the army has two 12 men

So instead I figured I would spend some time on a few other minis on
which I can dabbled whenever I do end up having some spare time.
First up is a diorama I've been saying I would do for as long as I had the
mini for Inquisitor Gideon Lorr.

Since he has 3 veteran guardsman I figured I'd best start working on
these, so here are the wips of the first 2. First up an Elysian-style veteran,
build from catachan bits and the head of a sentinel driver.

And secondly a vostroyan veteran made from the very cool vostroyan
sniper that can out around the Medusa V campaign. I couldn't resist buying
this model, but it has been sitting idle on a shelf ever since. But no longer,
a bit of slice 'n dice and 1 wip veteran coming up. The cloack still needs
quite a bit of work, but at least it is starting to look smooth right now. Still
find it very strange that a citycamo sniper would have a camocloack that
also has leaves on it :wink:

I'm working on the third veteran as well as ideas for the scenic base, looks
like a lott of work but if all turns out well it should end up great.
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Not much choice on the shotguns, they're going to join Gideon Lorr the
special edition Inquisitor. His rules state that he has 3 guard veterans
wearing carapace armour and armer with frags, kraks and a shotgun.

These models are just for fun, but something tells me that I'll be revisiting
the Inquisition somewhere in the future. They are expensive, but they
have a lott of great models. Quite a lott of fun on the conversion side as

Here's a new picture of the last veteran, still very wip and still need
quite a bit of work, but I'm very pleased with how he's turning out.
The 'mutant guardsman' is also very WIP, but this is the general idea/post
I'm going for with this guy and his position in the diorama;

And comments, suggestion or ideas for other stuff are very welcome!
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Well finally some more progression, its coming together rather slow but
at least it is coming together. So here're some new pics;

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He's not entirely finished yet, but here's another picture of the mutant.

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Yes, he's a good old fashioned witch hunter 8)

I might eventually get around to converting some inquisitorial
stormtroopers and using him as a small allied force.
Well time for a little update, this diorama thingy is taking way more time
and resources than I had anticipated. But is a lott of fun and I'm learning
quite a few modelling tricks.

The work on the diorama is starting to come together and I hope to get
all the building on it done by the end of the week. I then have the whole
weekend (hopefully) to work out what I want to do with the 2 still missing

Here's a quite pic, comments/crits are as always welcome :wink:

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I'm going to have a little experiment on some spare stuff with some off
that resin water effect stuff used by train fanatics. I'll have to see how it
turns out, but I'll probably add some kind of texture to it.
Another quick update from a few thing I did last night, progress is slow
but steady. Got a bunch of ideas from the guys over at astro, so coming
soon one floating mutant in the water :D

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Needed a bit of a change and I came across this guy, great fun.

But back to the diorama :D I'm nearly done with the detailing on the diorama base. Still needs quite a bit of work, but it is really coming togetherl

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Not quite sure yet about the colours of both the diorama and the models, they both need a bit more work. But most likely they'll become nice and dark, as it should be :wink:
Well finally got something done again....on another models. Still four more weeks of madness and exams to struggle through. But I had a bit of unexpected free time yesterday and today so I decided to take on 'the challenge' a friend of mine who's getting back into battlefleet gothic gave me. He needed some cool chaos themed scenery piece to go with his chaos/renegade fleet.

And this is what I've come up with so far;

I'll be putting together a few more asteroid and probably some pieces of wreckage. But is basically a chaos renegade base/refuelling station tucked away in an asteroid field to avoid imperial detection. Pretty happy with it so far, especially with the somewhat cartoony colourscheme which really fits well with michael's chaos fleet.
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Viscount Vash said:
Love yer stuff Heph,
As always nice job, You ever tinker with epic?
Thanks Vash, I really like specialist games stuff. Unfortunately I have yet to try out epic, I don't know anyone who plays it. However, I do have plans for something special for an astronomican project ;) Will be a while until I get around to it, but I'm hoping it will be worth the wait.
Looks like I'm going to have to paint up some new stuff in the coming few weeks for the open category of the paintathon.

I should be able to finally finish by ork big mek and his grot oilers, not sure I should include the oilers.....feels a bit like cheating to me. Yes they are wargear that need to be modelled on a seperate base, but they're still more than 1 model :D

Time for a quick pic;

The Big Mek, still needs a lott of work:
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Hello guys, sorry about the long leave of abscence *missed a whopping 2245 posts :shock:), but I'm back. And ready to pick up the brush again and embark on some more insane projects. I still need to finish of a Big Mek and the Gideon Lorr diorama (FINALLY!!!! really annoying the crap out of me that I let this stay unpainted/unfinished for so long). But since I haven't really painted anything other than a BFG scenery piece, I decided to start off with some familiar. So here's a quick picture of my latest Word Bearer champion, those guys will get some much needed love once the new chaos dex drops.

So you can expect some more stuff and a more active roll from me again....missed this place ;)
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Wow, thanks for the warm welcome back guys :D

I'm hoping to get load of other stuff done in the next couple of months (gideon lorr diorama :wink: ), looks like I have quite a bit of forum catching up to do as well.

@ Jacobite - no worries, I might enter in the next one though. But it is just for fun, have no need to 'win'. Great initiative this painthaton (spelling :S), great fun to try out some new models you'd never normally get around to, as well as a marvelous excuse to improve on our painting/modelling skills.

@ DaemonR'Us - I'll check them out right now!
Time for some new stuff;

First up good old captain cortez of the crimon fists, got this beauty from a mate and I couldn't resist painting it up right away. Pic is a bit dark though. One thing I really learned from this mini is that midnight blue is one hell of a strange color. It kinda turns purple after a while or during highlighting...strange stuff

I've also started to pre-emptive work for my soon to come 'mighty empires' article of at astro, if you guys are interested I'll put it up here as well...once I finish. I'll be looking at the new WHF campaign system, ideas for conversions, some fan made rules and adaptations to other game system, including 40K and my fav game yet; Mordheim. But here are the first pics;

Wood Elves' primairy citadel OR a 'sanctuary' (extra rules building only useable by some races)

Humble beginning of a dark citadel for Vampire Counts (Necrarch themed) OR 'a dark temple'

The first few ruined buildings of a Mordheim themed tiles/campaign system using the mighty empires as a template/base;
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:? Just found out that my local store won't be getting the Mighty Empires box for another week or 2. Dagnabbit, so the article will take about as long as that to complete. The good news is that this will allow me to really do something special;

- experimental WHF rules for all races, in the style of WD's 3 special buildings
- adaptation to 40K with race specific rules
- other things you can do with the campaign tiles

If anyone has ideas or requests feel free to post away ;)
bloodhound said:
I just love that first one. You do wonders with GS.

Keep up the good work
Thanks mate, these will eventually be used for a series of 2-3 articles. Unfortunately other endeavours are taking away a lott of time so they will take a bit of time before they'll be done. So I'd better make something special of it :wink:
Thanks for the encouragement mate, afraid it's still at a stand still right now. The store still hasn't gotten it yet, might have to order it from GW themselves if it taken even more time.

Will be cool to see what you're coming up with as well!
Anphicar said:
So what are those green nurgle like things exactly?

Is that an uber mini forest? :?
Yes, a mini-minature for Mighty Empires. It is on a trimmed down staandard 40K base :D

Planning on putting together an article with some extra buildings for other races like the two you got with White Dwarf. As well as having a good loo at how this stuff could be used for 40K.....if that stupid shop can get the box that is...... :?
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