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Hephesto's other WIPS

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Well, my word bearers are on halt again.....I just don't have the time to
paint whole squads right now. Especially if the army has two 12 men

So instead I figured I would spend some time on a few other minis on
which I can dabbled whenever I do end up having some spare time.
First up is a diorama I've been saying I would do for as long as I had the
mini for Inquisitor Gideon Lorr.

Since he has 3 veteran guardsman I figured I'd best start working on
these, so here are the wips of the first 2. First up an Elysian-style veteran,
build from catachan bits and the head of a sentinel driver.

And secondly a vostroyan veteran made from the very cool vostroyan
sniper that can out around the Medusa V campaign. I couldn't resist buying
this model, but it has been sitting idle on a shelf ever since. But no longer,
a bit of slice 'n dice and 1 wip veteran coming up. The cloack still needs
quite a bit of work, but at least it is starting to look smooth right now. Still
find it very strange that a citycamo sniper would have a camocloack that
also has leaves on it :wink:

I'm working on the third veteran as well as ideas for the scenic base, looks
like a lott of work but if all turns out well it should end up great.
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Very nice. I love the first guy, very drop troopy. I think you should do a little bit of work on your =I= though, otherwise he may look out of place a little bit, his henchmen might upstage him :D
I love it. It's Witchhunters Inquistor isn't it? (I mean thats what your making him not the model)
Love the ramp man, nice use of the cities of death stuff.

Are you going to fill the gutter/sewer thing?
Love the flesh work. And your diaroma is looking brilliant nice and detailed.

What colours are you going to paint the walls? Are you going for a clean look or a dark sewer look.
Good choice - nothing worse than a whole lot of brightly painted mini's that are supposed to running around a dark and dank sewer.
Wow very nice, I'm lucky you didn't enter that into the open cometion. Mind you it wouldn't have mattered I'm still in last place lol. Very nice work, love the text on the clothes.
Lol nice dude. Very humerous - especially with the description.

Love the texturing on the telescope, brillaint.

Good luck for the competition.
1 - 7 of 64 Posts
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