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I need help. im a relatively new player to the game but i was doing good at the start of my career. my first ten games resulted in 6 wins, 4 losses. But my last ten games have been 2 wins. i believe my opponents have cracked my strategy (since i dont have many differnet opponents) and i need a new tactic for using my 2000 pt vanilla SM with heed the teachings of the Elders, Trust your battle brothers, Eye to Eye, We stand alone
The list i use most is this:
HQ : Chaplain with atrtificer armour and bolt pistol

retinue :
Vet sgt with termi armour, power weapon and storm bolter
company champion with termi armour and storm bolter
Standard bearer with termi armour, power weapon and storm bolter

transport :
land raider cruisader, extra armor, smoke launchers

Elite :
three venerable dreadnoughs (furious charge), smoke lauchers, extra armor.

Troops :
Tactical squad, vet sgt, termi armour, power fist, storm bolter, melta gun

Tactical squad, vet sgt, bolter/plasma, plasma cannon, plasma gun

heavy support :
Three dreadnoughs with twin linked lascannons and missile pods

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Just a quick look at the list and it seems a bit slow. Other than the land raider, nothing can go more than 6 inches. Maybe speed things up a bit w/Assault Squad, bikes, or speeders. That should be able to help you react a bit more to changes that inevitably occur during the battle.
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