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help with whats good for VC

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So yeah i have a small vampire counts army and was wondering if the zombie dragon was woth the money and points? really thinking about getting one but am unsure if its a good idea or not.

At the moment i have the army book, battalion box, 3 boxes of skelies, 1 box of ghouls, Mountaed vamp/lance, Vampire with sword/shield and a necromancer.
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Skelies in blocks of 20 and zombies to slow down the enemy. Ghouls can kill just about anything but i prefer several large blocks of skelies. They are just more realible in my army then ghouls ("in my" being i use them more). Charcter's you will need several vamps and necros are only good if you stick them in skelies or keep them behind them. The 8th ed is probaly going to change a lot of things so get ready to ajust your army alot.Also you need some grave gaurd. Stick them with your lord and they can deliver the pain almost as good as other races specs WS3 kinda sucks but if you have the right buffs on your vamp youll be fine. Once again 8th ed may or may not be a major change to vamps, hopefully not to much becasue i just finshed my army...
8th is coming out in mid july. As for varghulfs i have had mixed resualts. They either get shot to hell or cause your enemies 400 point specs to turn and run off the table. I perfer to just mass skellies and grave guard and call it good. And if you really want to piss people off just take a whole army of skellies and necromancers. It works...really it does!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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