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help with whats good for VC

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So yeah i have a small vampire counts army and was wondering if the zombie dragon was woth the money and points? really thinking about getting one but am unsure if its a good idea or not.

At the moment i have the army book, battalion box, 3 boxes of skelies, 1 box of ghouls, Mountaed vamp/lance, Vampire with sword/shield and a necromancer.
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Grave guard corpse carts vampires Vargulf are the best units. With bats to stop artillery.

Currently the zombie dragon is arguably the best dragon out there, but we have no idea how the edition change is going to effect the army. From the rumours VC will be nigh on unplayable as we rely on our characters more than any other army and they may be limited. However I heard a rumour that each army will get a unique point with the percentages to fit their character and playstyle, so VCs may get more than other races.

Skeles and zombies are awful always have been and always will be but their not there to beat good troops but to stand and wear down an enemy to they auto break them.
Ghouls falter as soon as they have to fight anything with armour. skelles are far more durable even if not as killy. When grave guard have banner of the barrows and ASF with great weapons they can dish out alot of pain
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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