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Varakir has got it right with this list I think. I strongly second the notion of putting Vulkan with the HG and using a DP so you have two coming in T1 (I just finished putting together my third for a game tomorrow :D). Only thing I would add is that if you are facing AV12 fliers and you have the ability to bring a Stormtalon do so. If you're only up against AV10/11 fliers then go nuts with all the points you want to spend on S7 anti air. Maybe my dice are cursed, but Glancing on a 5 sucks ass....though if blowing things up gets moved to 7+ on the Vehicle Damage Table like all has pointed in the new BRB that means stacking S7 shots the way you have is basically the only option for its efficiency at Glancing down Fliers....but all that's just speculation for the moment. It might not even make sense! :laugh: Either way that's one of the reasons why I play Imperial Fists over anything else from C:SM: gotta love Tank Hunter on the Devastators!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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