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Chaos Terminator Lord (Mark of Nurgle/Terminator Armour/ Deamon Weapon): 165pts


2x Chaos Terminators (Icon of Nurgle/Champion): 210 pts (x2=420)


4x Plague Marines (1 Plasma gun/ Champion Power Weapon): 206 pts (x4=824)

Heavy Support

5 Havocs (4x Melta gun/ Icon of Nurgle): 175pts

1 Defiler: 150 pts

Land Raider: 220

So, I was hoping to include 2 land raiders into my list, I can fit one into it and keep it under 2000 pts put then My Lord and one squad of Terminators will have to walk Any advice on whats hot and whats not will be appreciated.

Also, I'm wondering if I should give the Plague Champions a Combi-Weapon or Twin Linked Bolter instead of a Power Weapon?

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