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help with imperial guard fluffs

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This is the background i created, let me know what you think please :p

The imperial guard on the planet mogilev were drafted without a choice, the lack of choice or the militaristic life didn't cause much problem with the soldiers but a string of defeats and heavy casualties at the hands of many of the imperiums orders led to many disgruntled soldiers feeling like the imperium was being unfair. How come the space marines get to take all the credit all the time? how come we are sacrificed so readily when the space marines are allowed heavy armour and decent weapons? These questions where asked most strongly by Leutenant Vladamir Totsky. Totsky felt that these conditions werent fair and particuarly spoke out against the emperors claim to being a god (many soldiers of Mogilev felt that no god could allow so many casualties). Over time desertions within the army increased and eventually these desertions became extreme, whole platoons started to desert, the Space marines were called in! The space marines started to search th eplanet looking for deserters and executing them. Totsky was able to use this as a weapon agains the space marines by saying how they were invading our homeland and killing people simply for refusing to fight under unfair conditions. Support for Trotsky grew. As support for Trotsky grew the imperium began to grow more and more concerned with his regular speeches, they spoke of many heretical thoughts including the abolishment of the emperor. Eventually Trotskys party (the Novoya Bolshevik Union) grew enough suport that Trotsky planned to deliver a speech that would win over all the support of Mogilev enabling him to break off from the imperium entirely and begin prooducing his own army (wit hthe weapons that the imperium had so kindly supplied the now NBU (Novoya Bolshevik Union) imperial guardsmen). During this speech a space marine assassin leapt up onto the stage and shot Trotsky several times in the face under orders of the imperium. This had the opposite of the intended effect, rather than calming the situation the populace of Mogilev were in outrage, this more or less guaranteed the NBU 100% of the populace support form Mogilev. Totskys son (Dima Vladamiravitch) took over the running of the NBU and immediately went into hiding, he even faked his own death to shake off the tail of the space marines. After a few years of underground work The Space MArines were satisfied that calm was restored and left for further missions, the people had set up many factories and were supplying many tanks and weapons for the imperium. Little did the imperium realise that most of these weapons were in fact being used by the NBU (still going strong). The NBU now work for whoever pays the highest price, they feel that the imperium is wrong but chaos is just as bad so will work with whoever pays the highest. The poulation have sworn 100% alleigance to the NBU so new recruits and weaponry are certainly not hard to find. With any luck when this whole imperium thing dies down the NBU can return to Mogilev having been made a rich planet due to the money made through this war and all will be distributed evenly.

There u have it let me know what u think please :)
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