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Hey everybody

this is my first army and i was thinking about expanding soon.
i dont know alot about the space marines since im still new to the warhammer.

I have some of the squads in the list but not all of them.
(the point cost is only roughly)
Help with the weapon choices and composition of the squas will be greatly appreciated :wink:

Tactical squad 10 * 3 - 1 rocket launcher and 1 plasma per squad
Rhino * 3

Scouts. w. snipers
+ Sergent Telion.

Bike squadron

Assault marines * 2

+ terminator chaplain

Land raider redeemer (multi-melta)

All in all it will be a little under 2000 points.

Please help me with some feedback :biggrin:

We fly for the Emperor!
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Hi, welcome to Warhammer 40K, and welcome to Space Marines.
I also play Space Marines as my first army.

Basically, I suggest to remove Sicarius. He is a powerful character, but not really useful. Assault Marines are also not useful, as they are pretty useless in close combat. They sure can do close combat, but for their point cost, they are not effective.

I suggest also increasing your troop count, as troops are important to hold over objectives. Melta is better than plasma, as melta is more dependable to stop enemy tanks. Chaplain is a nerfed on 6th edition, so don't use him.

What I suggest is as follows :

Librarian (Force Dome, Smite)

Tactical Squad (8 x Bolter, 1 x Flamer, 1 x ML, Rhino, Melta Bombs)
Tactical Squad (8 x Bolter, 1 x Flamer, 1 x ML, Melta Bombs)
Scout Squad (3 x Sniper Rifle, 1 x ML, Camo Cloak, Telion)

10 x Terminator Assault Squad (10 x TH/SS, Land Raider (SB, MM))
1 x Dreadnought (2 x TL AC)
1 x Dreadnought (2 x TL AC)

1 x Predator (AC, 2 x LC)
1 x Predator (AC, 2 x LC)
1 x Stormraven Gunship (TL LC, TL MM)

You can use the gunship to transport your troops, preferably the one don't have a Rhino. Land Raiders with Terminators are great, but don't get stuck in a tar pit. Dreadnoughts are used for long-range fire, and used to deter those flyers. You can also swap the Predators in my list to your attack bike, that is also a good option in my opinion.
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