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help with first fantasy list Vampire counts

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Hi i have been playing 40k for a while and when the new fantasy rules come out i thought i would give it a go.
Here is my first draft at a list. I have not yet played fantasy so please forgive any noobie mistakes.

Vampire Counts 2000

Count Mannfred 475 (WALK WITH GRAVE GAURD)

Wight King
Sword of kings 100 (ALSO WALK WITH GRAVE GUARD)

Infinate Hatred
Blood drinker 173 (TO RIDE WITH BLOOD KNIGHTS)

X20 Skeletons
Full comand
War Banner 205

X20 Skeletons
Full comand
War Banner 225

X10 ghouls 80

Corpse Cart
Unholy loadstone 100

18X Grave guard
Full comand
Banner of barrows 289

Blood knights
Full command 315

That totals 1962 so i have 38 left im not shure were to put it yet any help would be great
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I'd convert them to ten barded Black Knights with the Icon of Vengeance. You'll still get the 10 attacks (2 ranks x1), won't crumble and have a rank for disruption purposes. That costs 9 points extra. And they are Striders, to boot.
Icon of Vengeance... really?

Am I missing something here?

Normally if the boss goes down you can pretty much kiss the game g'bye, so this item only comes into effect if things have gone drastically wrong. And if the boss doesn't go down, then it's a wasted standard.

Or am I missing something....? :scratchhead:
Wooah, what's with the Eldar/Undead crossover....!!

Creon, re-read Icon of Vengeance, specifically states, casualties as a result of general's death...

Sethis, always good to see you're input =)

Blood Knights, ofc, I had completely forgotten about those guys as they were too easily baited with Frenzy. New rules, drop in some high Ld and it's a whole new ball game, likin' it.
Funny though how both armies need to be run in tight symbiosis with augmentation from a prominent magick user (pref named) or two...

Could Count Mannfred be the new Eldrad?

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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