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help with first fantasy list Vampire counts

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Hi i have been playing 40k for a while and when the new fantasy rules come out i thought i would give it a go.
Here is my first draft at a list. I have not yet played fantasy so please forgive any noobie mistakes.

Vampire Counts 2000

Count Mannfred 475 (WALK WITH GRAVE GAURD)

Wight King
Sword of kings 100 (ALSO WALK WITH GRAVE GUARD)

Infinate Hatred
Blood drinker 173 (TO RIDE WITH BLOOD KNIGHTS)

X20 Skeletons
Full comand
War Banner 205

X20 Skeletons
Full comand
War Banner 225

X10 ghouls 80

Corpse Cart
Unholy loadstone 100

18X Grave guard
Full comand
Banner of barrows 289

Blood knights
Full command 315

That totals 1962 so i have 38 left im not shure were to put it yet any help would be great
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If you still want to keep the Blood knights, you could consider something similar to this:

Lord with Forbidden Lore, Dread Knight, Sword of Might, Gem of Blood, Cursed Book, Dark Acolyte

(Pick a Lore you like - my favourites are Death and Shadow, but anything that buffs your knights or debuffs their target works as well)

Mannfred (Acolyte) with Steed and Staff of Damnation

6 Blood Knights with Command, Standard of Strigos and Sword of Battle

21 Grave Guard with Command, Banner of the Barrows

Corpse Cart with Balefire

21 Ghouls with Ghast

40 Skeletons with Command and Banner of Hellish Vigour

1998 points

The Lord adds killy power to the knights and can take on an enemy character fairly easily by burning both 1-use items. Mannfred is a support caster that can actually kill things as well - both of them are in the Knights. The infantry should be enough to hold a line while the knights eat sideways through units. This is my first prototype VC army that is NOT dependent on magic, and still don't know if it works.

Hopefully it might give you some ideas, at least.
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Wooah, what's with the Eldar/Undead crossover....!!
I've been playing a lot of Fantasy lately (you might notice my win/loss for 40k hasn't changed in like 3 months...) and my housemate plays VC, so I stole his codex to run up a couple of army lists. Like everyone else he's been struggling to find a way to build his army that doesn't run on Magic, so I actually wrote this list for him originally.

With the change to charges, I see Vanhels being used a LOT more in order to get ASF and Hatred instead of moving... who actually gets the charge is pretty academic now unless one side has lances, so it's much better to get the in-combat buff. Similarly, I think the raising spells will be used more to maintain the status quo rather than create massive hordes far above their starting size. They could make VC seriously nasty again just by dropping the base points cost of all their core choices a bit and leaving everything else more or less unchanged.
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