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Help with decision for a second army

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So lately I've become a little bit tired of the green menace and want a change. Aside from the melee stomping I also love ranged tactics with battlelines full of guns that riddle down the enemy from afar. Right now I'm equally interested in SM, Tau and Skitarii. I think all models look nice and am just wondering how do their ranged-orientered armies differ and what is their ranged advantage? Which is "most" strategic?
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Thsnk you for convincing. Gloreeeah to the emprah!
Ok so what can de Iron Hands uniquely do? I've read something about Clan Raukaan having something to do with them.
Thanks dude! Sad to say but I think that the Slaneesh Prince is thinking about sacrificing you right now for being a traitor to the traitors @@!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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