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Help with armies

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Well i finally finshed my orges (1500 points) and want to start a second army. Heres what ive decided and some questions.

Dark elves- i love the corsairs models and cold ones. I work well with elite arimes but ive heard that dark elves are a aggresvie army. Also is thier codex filled with the same "kill everything for the sack of violence and vengence+really dark artwork" deal that the DE 40k codex has going and does Eternal haterd let me re-roll all missed attacks in all rounds of combat.

Lizerdmen-After reading the 8th ed rule book and checking thier stats they look solid. I like the slaan's uber magic abalities and the temple guard models. Can i field a army of them without skinks, foucsing manliy on saurus and temple guard. And how hard are they to paint, i was thinking a reagl blue paint scheme instead of the super bright GW one.

O&G- I want to field a goblin army but with black orks and a warboss because i love the models. Is it better to bring normal goblins or night goblins and are thier archers worth it? also is the magic any good?

Thanks all.
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the other guys have answered most of what you've asked so i'll just add that lizardmen are easy to paint. Spray them white and use a 50/50 mix of thraka green and devlan mud wash generously applied and the skin and scales come up a treat. Its then simply a case of picking out the details and weapons. Very easy and effective paint scheme.
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