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This might seem a little cheeky, but 'shy bairns get nowt' as my mother used to say.

i have not painted for about 20 years and my eyesight isnt what it used to be, especially close up; following lazer corrective treatment.

anyway i am blathering instead of getting to the point.

i would like to ask if their are any painters in the NE of england that would be willing to show me their work and then paint my recent aquisition.

its an 8" resin/plastic figure of an Ultramarine. i want a nice piece to adorn my media room amongst my many black library collection.

see my 'fall in' post for a piccie. essentially it was awarded by GW for 10 years of service.


anyway i would like to seek a more quality paint job than i would be able to do, and given i dont even have any paints, i know i have to spend to get it coloured.

if anyone is interested please give me a shout (here or PM)

thanks for reading.


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