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Help vs Dark Eldar

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem...

A friend of mine fields the Dark Eldar and he basically has a perfect record against us. The only player that has been able to beat him is our Tyranid player. Now I imagine it was because of the Tyranids capabilities in melee but I'm not sure since I wasn't there. However, I witnessed my Chaos friend get creamed by the DE player in the first turn. The Chaos player was so wiped out he pretty much had to forfeit. :blackeye:

What is the best strategy to do against DE if you are a marine? I myself am a Blood Angel player. Honestly, I'm a little worried about getting into melee with him as I'm not 100% sure what all he is capable of. Is there a different approach I should look at when I fight against him next?

I even witnessed the DE player tear through my Space Wolf friend with a ton of AP 2 weapons..... I can't believe the Dark Eldar are able to field so much AP 2, it's almost unreal. :scratchhead:

He goes cheap in whatever he gets. I think his HQ might have cost him 300 points or so, but when it's all said and done he is still able to field 70 or more models. I usually see a Talos but I think he uses that mostly for bait. IDK, I guess I'm just curious on how other marines might play against the DArk Eldar is all.
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the thing with Dark Eldar is that once you point a gun in their general direction, something dies. Their strengths are the RIDICULOUS amount of Dark Lances they can field (or Disintegrators, if they feel like swapping out, but the lists i typically see field mostly DLs, with only one or maybe two Ravagers with Dissies). I know that i personally can fit upwards of 20 DLs into 2k points, half of which are mounted on platforms that move 12" and can still fire them.

Against DE you simply have to dump more fire into them then they can dump into you. DL spam lists are attrition lists, they work to disable your army before you can disable theirs. As others have said, lots of shots are your best bet. S4 AP anything is good enough really. The majority of their armor saves will be 5+ or worse, so just take weapons that will dump out a lot of shots. Identify his firing lanes and try to neutralize them with Heavy Bolters, Assault Cannons, and the like.

And Yes, Open topped weapons are Vulnerable to blasts.
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