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Help rounding out my list

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I recently got back into 40k, i have a sizable GN army i don't know what i should do to make it more competitive. ill just make a list of what i got to work with and hopfully someone can help me sort out the best choice to take and what i should add.

HQ- cortez and retinue

5 termies 1 with incinerator
Vindicare asssassin
Callidus assassin

2 squads of 5 grey knights justicar including incinerators
10 stormtroopers

heavy support
land raider and dread
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This isn't a 'legal' list, Officio Assassinorum Operatives are 0-1, you need to turf either the Vindicare or the Culexus (which you should do regardless imho). Vindicares are nice, use hem to take out the power weapon sergeants that will be a massive threat to you troops. the Elite inquisitor will die easily, unless you have something particularly fiendish planned? (although I'm not aware of any wargear in Daemonhunters that are particulary useful). The points you save from getting rid of all these characters could be used to beef up your PAGK units, which is a good idea, or maybe buy another fast attack PAGK unit, giving you some of that teleporty goodness, and some backup for your termies. Teleporting termies frees up the LR for a PAGK unit.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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