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Help rounding out my list

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I recently got back into 40k, i have a sizable GN army i don't know what i should do to make it more competitive. ill just make a list of what i got to work with and hopfully someone can help me sort out the best choice to take and what i should add.

HQ- cortez and retinue

5 termies 1 with incinerator
Vindicare asssassin
Callidus assassin

2 squads of 5 grey knights justicar including incinerators
10 stormtroopers

heavy support
land raider and dread
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I would give rhinos to the grey knights so they can actually make it to the objective.:victory: My friend plays GK and I always kill them early because he doesn't use transports.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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