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Help rounding out my list

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I recently got back into 40k, i have a sizable GN army i don't know what i should do to make it more competitive. ill just make a list of what i got to work with and hopfully someone can help me sort out the best choice to take and what i should add.

HQ- cortez and retinue

5 termies 1 with incinerator
Vindicare asssassin
Callidus assassin

2 squads of 5 grey knights justicar including incinerators
10 stormtroopers

heavy support
land raider and dread
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Make sure you keep an eye on the rumours about the upcoming GK Codex (or whatever it ends up being)...some current Units might not be in it, so no point in wasting money, although it is still 5/7 months out.

That said some more GK and a second LR(C) wouldn't be amiss..but GK will be plastics when the new Codex hits. I know I'll be selling some of my GK(T)'s to get some plastics, well if they're great minis that is.

Me..I would wait personally.
oh my god o.o the only reason i wasnt going to play DH's was because they are all metal and their codex is anchient XD
(though i think they will combine WH's and DH's since they are basicly all the inquizition and half the units are the same in both dex's anyway)

Anyway... @ the OP
i would listen to Hobo, but also your list seems very very small GK's are fine, but their troops are complete point sinks, then getting Termies is even more point sinks :3 GK's are like the best (and most expencive) basic troops in the game, with Stormboolters and Nemisis Halbrids (Basicly makes them S6) as stock

Invest more in basic GK's imho
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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