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Hey I am a eldar player and I am looking to spice life up a bit and throw some Dark Eldar into the mix with my army. I like the Darker look compared to my Clean eldar and I like the fluff as well. Im hoping to have a competive yet fluffy list to play with. So to help set this thread up right I will give you guys a look at the eldar units ill be using and then from there can help me find the right Dark Eldar units that I should use. As of right now I love the looks of Wracks and would Like a theme with them and Talos and Cronos. They look amazing, So any ways heres my list!

Wraith Guard- Wave Serpent, with Bright lance= 280
Wraith Blades-Wave Serpent, Bright Lance=280
5 Drive Avengers-Wave Serpent, Bright Lance=185
10 Guardians, Eldar missile platform=240
6 Warp Spiders=114
Wraith Lord-Scatter Laser, Bright Lance, Ghostglaive=165
So thats what Im thinking of using right now, lots of AT with the lances and High speed, and then some spiders to really annoy people.
For Dark Eldar I currently have a Archon, 15 Wychs, 10 Hellions. I was reading the codex and I love what the Hellions can do with shooting Assault 2, poison 4+ then charge in. Id idealy like to use Talos, Cronos and wrachs or grotesques. I like the idea of them charging into battle.
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