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construction: as a jr site management

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here it is the next part !!!

“Brothers who do you stand with, the Emperor and father to us all or men such as the inquisition who twist imperial truth for their own gain”.

“We serve the immortal emperor, but you bother though you are not heretics or traitors to the imperium. You show no regard for those who also serve the emperor. Would you shoot us down like those of the inquisition”.

Vaporus lifted a hand, brushing it through his black hair. “No brothers we do not take pleasure from killing the servants of the emperor, but you know the truth of our line we are descendants of loyal Alpha legion. Thus we can’t let you live, as set down by the first. Yet this also conflicts with our second law, fore we can not kill another astartes”.

A sneer crossed the face of the un-named Gray Knight “you think us forgiving ha, you know nothing of us do you. For killing an inquisitor we proclaim your chapter excomun….”.


The gray Knights ship took longer than Vaporus expected to be destroyed on top of that they had managed to get off a barrage of missiles with ended the 5th ship Emperors will of the 2nd fleet. Causing the loss of the 7th company of the 1st brigade.

The three fleets stayed for a further two days, obliterating all the remnants of the imperial fleet. Aboard the flag ship the endless wave Vaporus commanded the Captains of the fleets to come aboard.

Captains Perdithus and Dreg left the command bridge leaving Captain Prax in charge until they returned. Walking through the heart of the ship in silence to the disembarkation deck, boarded a thunder-hawk and left for their Chapter Masters ship. Likewise Captain Faolan and Captain Dervil (4th company 2nd fleet) left their ship Raging Tide.

Thrusters fired as the two ships came into dock at the endless wave hatches hissed as docking bay doors closed. Servitors rushed to secure the crafts as their hatches opened the four Captains disembarked from their respected ships and walked towards each other.

“Ah Hesperian (nic name for Perdithus) look at you, now you are only half the man I am” called Faolan.

“Faolan, I will always be twice the man you are, I mean how can you call yourself a man when you can’t shoot straight”.

Anger flared in Faolan “Hesperian you dare jibe back after I loose a ship because of your mistake a whole company gone my brothers dead because of your incompitance” Faolan lashed out trying to hit Perdithus.

Dreg and Dervil grabbed Faolan “brother your ship fell because of it was its time the Gray knights took it out not Perdithus”

Faolan slumped “yes brother I know, Perdithus I’m sorry I’m just angry that all”

“No brother, I’m sorry if I was stronger it wouldn’t have happened”

A long silence stretched out and it was becoming strange and uncomfortable until Dervil started the jibes again to lighten the mood.

“Dreg you old dog, still alive I see I heard you gained much glory when Perdithus got knocked out”.

“Dervil you goat, next time I’ll knock you out and steal your glory too”.

The four jab at each other all the way down the hall until they got to the ships command deck. The three looked at Perdithus and grinned.

“Well brother, good luck. It will be a shame when the Dragon cuts your head off” as a Marine in full combat amour opened the door to the bridge.

A member of the Lord master’s personal guard appeared from a door on the far side of the bridge and beckoned them into the war room.

“Oh this looks bad for you Hesperian, he want to speak to us in the Dragons Den”.

Perdithus’s face flickered “oh shut it Faolan, I’ve had it with your jibes”

The doors closed behind them, the Dragons Den was exactly that a Den in which a master of war plans his battles and protects his treasure. Perdithus looked round the room. The only light on in the room was a harsh light above a large table with a map on. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness and there was no sign of the Dragon anywhere.

“Perdithus” a low voice rumbled

Perdithus’s body stiffened “here it comes, my punishment” he thought. “yes lord master”

The voice that followed was embedded with power “what were the two highest laws set down by the FIRST”.

“Protect the secrets and secrecy of the Chapter and protect the Imperium from the shadows lord master”.

“Well done, what you say is true. But what have you done here on this battle field”

“The 4th fleet under my command, was discovered by an imperial fleet, because I became lacks in scanning the surrounding space for other vessels”

A venomous tint came into the voice of the Dragon “an imperial fleet, no Perdithus no. by the water and wave. No it was an inquisitorial fleet, which I had to destroy to keep our secrets safe”.

The other three stiffened and looked at each other this could get nasty their eyes said.

“yes lord master, any punishment you bestow, I will take”.

“Punishment, I would have cut off your hand for this but it seems someone else has already seen to it as well as your leg. So there you have received your punishment. What we must now do is plan our next move. The imperium knows of our presence now and as set down by the first we must head towards the cradle of man, yes brothers we are heading to terra. Well actually mars we have STC that I believe they do not giving these to the Mechanicus may give us their support. The destruction of the Inquisitors fleet will be put down as being destroyed by the Tyranid hoard”.

“Lord Master, between here and mars there are hundreds of imperial worlds, and we have no imperial codes”.

“True Dreg, we don’t have codes but we will have to trust in the emperor’s will, but before that. There is one thing I must make clear never tell them the location of our home world and never and I mean never talk about our linage”.

“Yes lord master” the three said in unison.

“Now we will abandon this place before another fleet comes to investigate. The 3rd fleet must be contacted and sent home to protect the home world. Your two fleets are now under my command. We will head to mars, dismissed”.

Once aboard the thunder-hawk Dreg turned to Perdithus “so we are heading to the imperium. How do you think they will receive us, I mean to become part of mankind again its great but, its insane”.

“I know Dreg old friend, I know but I believe it will be good to battle the imperium’s enemies with other Chapters at our side. To fight along side our brothers would be a fine thing, a truly noble thing”.

“haha that it will brother that it will”.

It took several hours to move the ships into formation around the three command ships. Communications relaying positions of all ships jump co-ordinates flickered between the navigators. Until the navigator aboard the “the endless wave” signalled up to the bridge that all ship were ready

The Dragons voice boomed across the vox in all ships “one minute to jump”.

Sparks few from all the ships in the huge fleet, as they open gates into the warp. Until the fleet flashed out of existence.

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loyal luna wolves, i did one on them ages ago but i fluffed it LOL

if you have the HH books look for a character that survived if not create a character that leads loyal marines away from the fight like... when everyone was trying to kill the eisenstein another ship fell behind the fleet and entered the warp blind. this can lead to endless posabilities ie. come out of the warp 10,000 yr later or sent to an unknow system. hope this helps Dames !!

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Sparks few from all the ships in the huge fleet, as they open gates into the warp. Until the fleet flashed out of existence.

The ships in this huge fleet made several consecutive jumps, each time coming closer to mars. Alarms started ringing on terra as reports from PDF’s and outposts flooded in stating a huge fleet of unknown ship were on course for the Terran system.

Ships from different chapters gathered on the outskirts of the terran system to hold back what they thought was a dark crusade. Weapons armed, the sensors on active ping. Aboard an Ultra Marine battle barge, you could cut the tension with a knife. A crewman voice cut the sliced through the air like a razor.

“My Lord, sensors have picked up several ships exiting the warp in sector 32-12. counting 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 ships…. No.. 10-11-12-13…. 16-17-18. sir.. I.. We…. Uum… 18 ships incoming”.

“Um My Lord Captain, the unknown fleet is broadcasting a message”

The Ultra Marine Captain looked at the communication officer “very well lets see who it is we are talking to, put it up on the holo projector”.

The image of a man in full Terminator amour stood before him with the helmet under one arm. The amour of this Astarte was polished black with silver trim, the inner soft joints were red. The helmet under his arm was white. But strangest of all was the right arm, its amour was blue. The image of the unknown warrior began to speak.

“I am the Lord Master of the Sea Dragons Chapter, we are sons of the Emperor and seek passage to Mars where Brother Tech-Marine Infiltra is stationed. We come to the imperiums aide in its time of need, a hive fleet approches and so we come to protect the imperium”.

A second voice replies “I am the commander of this fleet you expect us to believe any of what you speak. You call us brother yet you come to the home system with a fleet of that size. A chapter that has never been seen or heard of. We have tracked your course back to it point of origin. It is the same system that Inquisitor Czevak reported an unknown fleet to be orbiting an Eldar world. Also we haven’t heard from the inquisitor since this time what say you to that”.

“Yes we met Brother Inquisitor Czevak, he was a great man. He hailed us as we descended to the Eldar world’s surface. Your reports should state that there was a Tyranid force present on the planet. My Chapter descended to the planet to hold the enemy back from spreading but alas their numbers were too great. Only a small number of the ships in my fleet were there, the rest arrived when the 4th requested reinforcements. The inquisitor and a contingent of Gray knights also descended and fought with strength, glory and splendour. The tide turned against us however when a second fleet of Tyranids appeared my 4th fleet lost two ships in that battle, the gray knight’s ship along with the inquisitor’s ships were destroyed. None survived, the bodies of the fallen that we were able to recover are here on my ship. I’m sure the Gray Knights would wish their brethren returned to them. The inquisitor’s body is also onboard, before he died he bid us return to the imperium in his place”.

There was a long pause before the Ultra Marine replied.

“I do not trust you, Lord Master of the Sea Dragons Chapter but I have been over ruled. You will disarm your ships and prepare to be boarded; the inquisition and Gray Knights will inspect your ships”

“yes fine just get on with it, we must see brother Infiltra”.

Inspection of the ships by the Gray Knights showed nothing, the inquisitor couldn’t find anything amiss. But one thing disturbed the inquisitors who were involved the language used on the ships was so obscure in its dialect of old gothic that even linguists and librarians from several chapters who had be brought to translate the text on many of the wall were unable to do so. Several Marines from the Sea Dragons chapter translated sections of the text. Yet could these translations be trusted.

Inquisitors asked question upon question about the chapter’s home system. Yet they only ever received the same answer from everyone. “Our home system is Leviathan space grid 1095 by 0945 in relation to 0 by 0”. When asked where 0 by 0 was they just shrugged “not sure the ship’s navigator handles such things”.

Finally Adeptus Mechanicus arrived and started testing the ships and their systems shifting through the memory banks of the machine spirit, only to anger it because it couldn’t understand them. However Brother Infiltra happened to be one of the inspectors and was seen to be in deep conversation with the Lord Master on several occasions by members of the inquisition. When asked about such things by one of the inquisitors the Adeptus’s reply was “the machine spirits of these ships speak a different language, this happens for two reasons first; if the spirit is of such age its dialect will be different. Secondly if the spirit within the machine, is from before the age of strife.

As a gift to the Adeptus Mechanicus for their work on the ships the Chapter presented them with a STC from before the age of strife. The metal bodies of the Adeptus seemed to stiffen when presented with the artefact which was bundled away by several of the less mechanized Mechanicus. Several of the Adeptus to the astonishment of the Inquisition bowed before the form of the Lord Master some even clasping his amour and praying for it to protect its worthy master.

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:shok: that is so awesome! i love your fluff. YOur chapter master seems a great charetar who inspires men! its extremely detailed, as many have said. Maybe you can rewrite the first parts then put it into word and post it up so we can read the whole thing uninterupted? Keep it going its great!


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here it is the next part sorry its a bit short

Several of the Adeptus to the astonishment of the Inquisition, bowed before the form of the Lord Master some even clasping his amour and praying for it to protect its worthy master.

On terra several old men sat round a table descusing the future of a Chapter that until ten days ago they didn’t know existed. A wizened old man at one end of the table was unhappy about this “new” chapter.

“this Chapter, wasn’t authorised by us, their gene-seed is unknown and I say we don’t need them. Alien scum such as the Tyranids wouldn’t be able to destroy a company from the gray knights as well as an inquisitorial fleet without us having some sort of communication from them asking for reinforcements. Yet this chapter’s fleet is still intact”.

Eco’s of agreement resonated round the table.

“I have also a report here from the fleet that when to investigate the truth of these Astarte’s. (lifting his arm holding a data slate) there is little or no sign of the Inquisitors fleet. What evidence there was that the fleet was stationed above the planet was so badly damaged and corroded it took days just to identify it was imperial built”.

From a dark corner a metallic clicking sound approached and took the empty seat. The figure had dark red robes covering a severely augmented body that you could hardly call human anymore. The face of the “person” was covered by a gold plate, the hood covering his head twitched as the tubes and wires flexed. A metallic voice emanated from the grill in the face plate.

“good evening councillors, I apologise for my late arrival but I had other matters that couldn’t wait”.

“Other matters”. Spat the councillor who had just been speaking.

“what can be more important than this council”.

The blank face plate turned to the speaker “an STC of great importance has been given to us that could give is a great advantage in destroying al alien filth. That is more important than the bickering of old men. But since you old farts are discussing the future of the Sea Dragons Chapter. I believe it is in the interest of the Adeptus”.

“fine, we have decided on that mater already, they are to be rendered excomunicatus and so destroyed. That is the wish of this council”.

Rumbles of agreement and descent eco across the table.

“a small man of many years, voiced his concern. But councillor if they are rendered exiled we will have lost an entire chapter we could use to defend the imperium. They have from what evidence we could gather that on several planets on the western fringes mysterious Astarte have been seen defending imperial worlds”.

“And what of it these instances you speak of. The evidence also states that these unknown, Astarte have also destroyed imperial PDF’s to achieve their goals”.

The Adeptus in his mechanical voice “you all seem to be missing the facts; according to their Tech-marines they have other STC that were lost until now. This interests the Mechanicus very much and thus has our support in being added to the Astarte’s log. Also they are a very secretive Chapter that would not bend to your wishes. Their gene-seed is to be tested by us. The Adeptus therefore say to you, if this chapter is destroyed you will no longer have the support of Mars”.

“Empty threats we would destroy mars in minutes. The question you all what to ask is how do they have tech-marines as they can only be trained on mars”.

“The mechanicus, knows of this and has been given a satisfactory answer. As to my threat councillor, yes the Astarte’s could easily destroy mars but what then. What of the technology the imperium used to fight its war”.

Several other councillors chimed in who had supported the Chapter, “then it is settled, the Sea Dragons Chapter will be added to the Astarte Chapter log when their gene-seed results are ascertained”.

Brother Infiltra left the council chamber to his finish work on finding out who the Sea Dragons had desended from, what he found shocked him to the core. He had lost most of his organic body yet what was left shuddered with fear at what the results heralded. An image flashed across his augmented vision. Warriors of the Alpha Legion, this explained a lot about their secretiveness. Yet what should he do about this, it should be reported to the council at once. But the figures of Brothers Xceilon and Zionus flash before him.

A smile krept on to the disfigured face under the face plate “they were my finest students, such promise and vision the machine sprit had gifted to them. I must hide this evidence”.

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its been a while next part will be here soon

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it took a wile to think up the next section

Chapter 2.

Brother Infiltra, gave his report to the council on the origins of the Sea dragons Chapter. Showing that the gene-seed was an old one, as old as the 2nd founding chapters yet its origins were untraceable when ever they system ran the gene structure it kept repeating that the gene had been abandoned during the 3rd founding due to the chapter dieing out. All data was classified, on the dead chapter.

“It seems that the sea dragons is an off shoot of a now dead chapter that has all its records classified, thus we have seen fit to add the chapter to the record log, as descendants of a dead chapter. The mechanicus, wishes that the Sea Dragons chapter be stationed above mars in a high orbit so that we can finish our investigation it to their ships and examination of the lost STC”.

The councillor who had demanded their destruction piped down.

“Fine we agree as long as the results of the STC are released to the council for approval. In this there is no consideration we demand the technology”.

Anger flash on the red lenses’ of the Adept. “very well”

Over the next several weeks the Sea Dragons fleet was stationed above mars in a high orbit. Several adept were sent up to retrieve the STC.

Adeptus Infiltra was filled with nervous tension, and he didn’t like it. For over a century such emotions had been removed as parts of his body had been replaced by augmentation. He was standing in the Sea Dragons Chapter master’s war room. Only the inner circle, were allowed into these rooms. Vaporus sat quite in his chair studying several holo screens. A light flashed above the door indicating someone wished entry.

Vaporus’s face curved into a smile “ah now we can begin brother Iniltra, you have wondered why we call you brother have you not. Well now is the time to find out, under your hood behind what remains of your left ear there is a node, remove it”.

A snake like extendable tool shifted from below Infiltra’s red robes, moving slowly up the base of what was his neck. Removing the node, Infiltra’s augmented body went into convulsions. Signalling the door a marine in full terminator amour walked in to stand in the centre of the room. Infiltra’s mind raced as suppressed memories flooded into his brain; with a sound that resembled a tin being crushed Infiltra remembered his real identity. He had been born on Leviathan Prime and had joined the Sea Dragons Chapter as a mechanic; he had then been given augments and sent to mars to help with training of the chapter’s techmarines. Lifting a section of his robe he found a brand mark of a Dragon on a section of skin on is right hip.

“so brother do you remember who you really are now”

“yes lord master, I am Infiltra of the 3rd mechanic section on the rising tide”

“good now brother look here at my sergeant and at one of the STC’s that we have put in to use for the terminator squads”.

The augmented eyes of brother infiltra found before him a fully combat ready termination with an auto cannon, but it looked odd larger some how. Looking more closely he found that it wasn’t just an auto cannon but a twin linked auto cannon. There in the middle of this room stood a marine with basically two auto cannons strapped to one arm, a back pack had been added to the terminator amour, this was the clip for the cannon.

“as you can see the auto cannon has been upgraded, this twin linked cannon is less likely to jam, due to having two revolving barrels its fire rate has doubled. The extended back pack clip gives the marine, the ability of a one man wrecking crew. So what do you think”.

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Captain Perdithus sat in the war room aboard his ship with Captain Dreg, a message had come from the Dragon. The 2nd fleet was to return home to the leviathan system. A warp transmission from the 3rd fleet had been received stating that, the Alpha Legion had been found on a secluded planet in sector 734. The 3rd fleet was leaving the home world to hunt them down. Thus the 2nd fleet was to take their place and protect their home. The 4th fleet was to meet up with the 3rd fleet at sector 732 in four days.

“well old friend, looks like we are back in favour with the lord master. Off we go to the front lines once again, I must ask will our valiant leader be returning to battle or do his wounds still give him pain”.

“Dreg you Bastard” taking a mock swing at his fellow captain.

“ooh, it looks like the great captain’s reflexes have become sluggish while putting his feet up, or should I say foot. Hahaha”.

“Yes Dreg you may be right, why not come to the training cage with me”.

“uum, maybe next time old friend I must ready my men for departure”.

Turning away Captain Dreg, moved to the door signalling the two marines of his personal guard.

“haha, very well Dreg see to your men….wimp”.

Pretending he didn’t hear the last comment, Captain Dreg headed towards the thunder hawk in the landing bay, tilting his head to one of the silent marines.

“Sergeant, gather your terminators tell them to spread the word through the company that we go to fight our most hated enemy”.

“Yes, lord Captain”.

Captain Perdithus turned back to his display as the doors slid closed behind Captain Dreg. Pouring over an image of space grid 349, a faint red line tracked over the screen so this is the coarse that the navigator was plotting for them thought Perdithus. Jump to grid 245 travel at sub light speed for several hours until jump to 349. “sir..” from grid 349 to grid 576. “sir, sir”. Grid 623 follows that then onto 732 and meet up will… “SIR… LORD CAPTAIN”.

Looking up it became evident that the bridge crew had been calling him for several minutes.

“Yes what is it?”.

“The navigator sir, he says we are position for the first jump”.

“Good, com’s signal the other ships. Jump will commence in fifteen minutes”.

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“Good, com’s signal the other ships. Jump will commence in fifteen minutes”.

In his quarters Scout leader Jargus was trying to get some rest, his arm was still in a cast from the battle with the Tyranids and it had been itching for several days, he let out a long sigh

“when I become a full brother of the chapter I wont have to worry about stuff like broken arms”

There was a jolt as the fleet came out of the warp, that made Jargus retch he had lost the contents of his stomach two jumps previously and all he could taste now was bile.
A knok on the door made him jump, out side stood his two companions haymus and fandus along with a medical servitor.

“what do you two want, and what’s with the bucket of bolts”

Haymus’s joker self, had no one liner to snap back, he face looked hollow and old.

“Haymus what’s up” Jargus’s face changed to that of concern.

The servitor moved forward and with on of its metal claws presented Jargus with a role of data film. Jargus noted that Haymus and Fandus also held identical data strips.

Stretching it out Jargus read…

Squad leader Jargus – implant stage Phase 17 – Betcher's Gland

Report to apothecary for implant stages 18 +19.

By order of
Captain Perdithus

Jargus’s head snapped up, his mind was racing for several years he had been training and preparing for the next implant yet they were going to give him both final one’s.

“I’m going to be a full battle brother” he said to himself.

“follow” the rasping voice of the servitor said as it rumbled down the hall towards the apothacarium.

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Hrm. A story, and fluff...more story then fluff.....*weighs thread's soul on shiny Mod Scales*

By Order of the Emperor's Most Holy Inquisition, Thread moved to 40K Fiction.

-Dirge Eterna, Heresy High Council

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“follow” the rasping voice of the servitor said as it rumbled down the hall towards the apothacarium.

Jargus’s hand closed around the box of pills in his pocket, he hadn’t been taking them for over two years now but he still carried them anyway. His mind flashed back to when he had been given, phase 2 and 3. The pain of muscle, bone growing and hardening had been severe. Phase 4 – Haemastamen had put this under control but he still had been popping the pills. He now wondered if he would need them again.

Jargus lay on the cold metal slab of the apothacrium’s surgical table. Above his head a vast array of surgical tools waited to cut into his flesh. A long needle was jabbed into his neck by brother Aquatis.

“Calm, now little brother (little brother is what full marines of the chapter call those who are still receiving implants) it will all be over soon and you will rise, a full battle brother of the chapter”.

The drug being pumped in to his neck started to take effect as Jargus’s vision blurred and when out. Above the knocked out scout the surgical tools descended towards his body.

The recovery and subsequent changes to his body were painful, for several day jargus was held up in his bunk. Over the next several months he got used to the changes and his training began. The training he had as the implants were installed were nothing compared to the intense punishment his drill masters were putting him through. He was told he wouldn’t be assigned a unit for another year of training to make sure, he never failed in his duty to the emperor. His old scout unit had also gone through the final stages of implantation and had begun their life of physical endurance, mental strengthening and devotion to the Emperor’s service. Yet above this, loyalty to the Chapter was paramount.
The cold harsh and destructive truth, hit Jargus one morning after a session of physical training. Fandus had not been seen by him or Haymus for several days. The only information they had was that he had been taken to the apothecary for some reason. Yet when they tried to see him they were turned away again and again, by brother Aquatis.

It was on the tenth day when they were summoned by the apothecary.

“Brothers, I am afraid that brother Fandus, did not survive. The gene-seed he was given was pure, yet upon contact with his cells, it mutated. This caused our brother to grow extra bone and other abominations that can’t be allowed within the Chapter. Our origins a you both know are that of a fallen legion thus to preserve ourselves and our chapter such mutants are destroyed if we are unable to stabilise the gene-seed. I am sorry he was a friend of old to you both. Thus he should not be forgotten, his name will not be entered in the records due to his mutation. That is all, dismissed".
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