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Hey mate, welcome back into the hobby!

I personally don't use Taurox yet, I'm yet to get my hands on them. Mech to me means APCs, and so I have a company of Chimeras to cart around my Guardsmen. Chimeras offer reasonable front armour and pack a surprising amount of firepower, so I wouldn't discount them.

The tank is a solid choice. I'm a little torn on the sponsons personally as I believe - no evidence to the contrary yet - that the sponsons can only fire snapshots if the turret shoots, thanks to the current ordinance rule. Snapshots can still be good - but I'd rather invest the points in more models or melta guns!

Weapons choice wise:
I like sniper rifles. Having said that, they are hit and miss, only ever effective against small infantry squads or characters with poor inv saves and of course, for picking out the heavy weapons in larger squads thanks to their rending and precision fire. I'd only include these for my personal kicks at 1000 points.

Mixed heavy weapons teams are generally not a good idea - without the ability for them to pick different targets (note that there is an order that lets you do that). If I had to mix them, I'd pick two autocannons and a missile launcher. Both are relatively effective against most tanks or elite infantry, and the missile launcher allows a bit more utility against larger squads. This should free up some points for more heavy weapons once you drop the lascannons. Lascannons are expensive, one shot only, and often overmatch most tanks you see at 1000 points. I'd usually save these for bigger games.

Troop selection
I know taking platoons lets you take heavy weapon teams, but I still tend to shy away from them when I'm playing mech. The cheapness of veteran squads - and did I mention, the awesomeness? - plays much better to their use. Instead of HWT, just throw an autocannon or missile launcher in each vet squad, and then pack them out with melta or plasma, depending on how many tanks or terminators you think you'll face. These guys shoot really really well, and that reliability is really key for you if you play mech - the points used on vehicles tends to translate poorly to the points of soldiers you could have used to compensate for the poor marksmanship of your lascannons or missile launchers.

I do note, however, that a platoon commander can issue orders - and this is awesome and a key feature of the AM/IG. In fact, I'd recommend playing a few games with just your infantry and the tank to get the hang of balancing orders from your CCS and PCS and how to best use this awesome feature.

To increase points value, I would recommend either another tank or two, or a specialist unit such as wyrdvane psykers, a primaris psyker, a Valkyrie or Vendetta or a squadron of two or three of the mortar tanks whose name escapes me... these options providing either brute force, psychic goodness, anti-air/airborne infantry and good old fashioned indirect fire.

Hope that this helped! Flick through my battle reports if you'd like to see some examples of various guard styles of play, some more effective than others.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts