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Hi guys, need some advice, I painted up my storm fang but it just looks too clean, was wondering if any one had any suggestions on how to make it look worn and battered, I know a few tricks but tbh I'm scared im going to ruin the model (already botched the osl on the wings). How do you guys go about weathering a model?
First, that looks great. You could totally leave that alone and have a great Stormfang. The greys really are superb.
Now, I approach weathering with reckless abandon. :laugh:
Not really, its actually very carefully picked areas.
When I do weathering I basically want it to look like the vehicle has been taking fire. If its something like a dreadnought, I treat weathering like it has been smashing through things.
Space Wolf Rhino by Roganzar, on Flickr
Now if you look you can see were I weathered this Rhino. The areas that I was going for a chipped appearance are treated with Leadbelcher and Abadon Black (or Vallejo Black). Mainly with the Leadbelcher. Figuring the Space Wolves ram this Rhino head on into whatever the enemy puts in their way.
While the area above the treads, I've gone over lightly with Typhus Corrosion and then some Agrax Earthshade. This gives the area near the bottom the appearance of mud and dirt being thrown up by the treads. The vents on the other hand, are treated with a number of coats of Nulin Oil, it was somewhere between 2-3 coats to get that look.
That's what I did and the only other suggestion I can give you on weathering is to have an idea of what kind of weathering you want to do.
Hope this helps.
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