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I've posted this list before but don't want to necro the old thread.

Its 2 days till the GT and I've just realised this list is illegal! Help me fix it please...

List is:

Space Marine Captain
Thunder Hammer
Artificer Armour


Hecaton Aiakos (Special Character Contemptor)

Twin linked Autocannon
Cyclone Missile Launcher

Bike Squad 1
Bike Squad
5 Extra Bikes
2 Grav-Gun
Vet Sgt Upgrade
(Sgt) Power Weapon (Lance)
(Sgt) Combi-Grav
Attack Bike

Bike Squad 2
Bike Squad
5 Extra Bikes
2 Melta Gun
Vet Sgt Upgrade
(Sgt) Power Weapon (Lance)
(Sgt) Combi-Melta
Attack Bike

Tactical Squad 1
Tactical Squad
5 Extra Marines
Missile Launcher
1 Plasma gun

Heavy Support

Thunderfire Cannon 1

Thunderfire Cannon 2


Aegis Defence line
Quad Gun

So, did you spot the mistake?..

Yep, the Bike Sgts can't take both a power weapon and a combi-gun.

This is because they come with: Bike, Bolt pistol, Frags and Kraks. You may only swap a bolt pistol or melee weapon for ranged or close combat wargear, meaning its one or the other.

Any suggestions as which to drop and what to spend the points on (I was thinking dropping the combi's and then using the 20 points to give the bike Sgts Melta bombs and the missile flakk)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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