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Not sure if this should be here, or in the Army lists.

I need help working on what to build for a DA force. Mostly on paper for now, but I would like to start collecting... and i always start by collecting 2k points, and going from there.

I KNOW that I want the Grand master on his jet bike.

Beyond that, I only know that I want a primarily Ravenwing force. I'm having trouble deciding between full Ravenwing, and Raven/Deathwing together.

My current army is a fairly slow foot-powered Tzeentch army, so I want to try a speedy mounted force (I don't count DW, they deep strike, after all).

My first try at a list was basically the Jet Bike, 2 fully kitted out Attack Squads, 3 additional Speeders, and 15 DeathWing (with the required 3 assault cannons! :laugh:)

But I was wondering people's thoughts... does this work? Would it be better to stick entirely to RW, no termies? Would assault Termies do better than assault cannon and storm bolters Termies?

I need help! I want this to be a good army...

Oh, and how could I fit a Termie Chaplain in? I LOVE that model and I'm dying to do something with it.

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With proper terrain and tactics, both are great. Your Ravenwing cannot soak up heavy fire, so be prepared to lose them in heaps of you don't make use of terrain to terrain runs, or specialize in attacking a single source with everyone and removing the threat before falling back. A mix is a good way, but you are going to be hard up for long range, so cover will be your only friend. Most marine armies are sporting AT LEAST 6 long range weapons capable of easily destroying your Ravenwing bikes and/or speeders. If you can tie up loose pockets of enemies with strafing runs with the bikes and speeders, you can then drop Deathwing in and around them, also using a squad to drop behind their vehicles. You are going to need your termies to immediately begin firing, so unless you are running them in a landraider, stick to shooting termies. I haven't seen the new codex in action, but thats pretty much where your strengths are in a Ravenwing army.
Make use of surgical attacks en masse, and avoiding hitting the brunt of their force head on. Good luck!
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