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help me decide which chaos mark.

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Ok so as i sit down to start building my chaos space marine list up I am tasked with the biggest question of all. Which mark do i want to focus my army toward. Originally had thought khorne was gonna be my bread and butter but after some research and seeing how everyone i play against is big shooting armies im afraid my khorne list will get destroyed before ever hitting combat so taking a backburner with khorne for now. Really leaning toward Noise marines but would like some opinions on which mark to take. still pretty new to the tabletop and such so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Chaos isn't going to be a tournament winning list no matter which Mark you bring. Khorne Daemonkin, however (a book combining the forces of Khorne - daemons and traitors both) can be a very mean army, and is (funnily enough) Khorne.

Pick the one you like the aesthetic and fluff for; otherwise, you'll never have the momentum to finish an army. It's doubly true for Chaos Space Marines, as your list isn't going to be spectacular no matter what Mark you bring, so follow your heart.
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