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Help Making a Kult of Speed and/or Dreadbash list

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So after a successful birthday of gaining many new Ork models, I need some help making sense of it all. Ultimately I'd like to do a Kult of Speed list or maybe a Speedy Dreadbash. I love bikes, a lot, but I also love Kans too. Anyway, this is what I have so far, any help is appreciated.

Warboss w/ Big Choppa

10 Loota/Burnaz

50-60 Boyz

9 Bikes

and 1 Trukk (with 2 more on their way)

I'm picking up a Battleforce next day day aswell. Any help would be greatly appreciated folks!
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if you are wanting a dread Kult of speed list try getting your hands on a copy of imperial armour 8 2 look at also the rules 4 a really kwl evil sunz warboss are in there he has a pk that strikes in initiative order so i5 on the charge and he can tank shock
and the shere fun of a possible 5 shokk attack guns 3 mounted on vehicles or maybe a few lifta droppa wagons a rough list for orks would if your willing 2 get IA8 which at 45 quid is pricey but worth every penny is

warboss zhadxnark 150pts
(allows bikers as troops and has a pk that goes in initative order)

6 nob bikers stick bomz pain boy all have cybork bodies
2 power klaws 4 big choppas waghh banner 2 kombi skorchas and
3 big choppas 426pts steep but worth it all different and a feel no pain save 2

17 bikers (nob power klawx2) 495 pts

lifta waggon riggers and armour plates 240 pts
choose a tank if in range roll a scatter dice if a hit lands there on an arrow can be moved upto 24 along it and then suffers d6 glancing hits if it hit a unit they take 2d6 wounds another tank that suffers d6 glancing hits 2

then mekboy junka ard case 2 rokkits and
a shokk attack gun 190 pts

and enough things orky 2 keep any man happy
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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