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Help Making a Kult of Speed and/or Dreadbash list

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So after a successful birthday of gaining many new Ork models, I need some help making sense of it all. Ultimately I'd like to do a Kult of Speed list or maybe a Speedy Dreadbash. I love bikes, a lot, but I also love Kans too. Anyway, this is what I have so far, any help is appreciated.

Warboss w/ Big Choppa

10 Loota/Burnaz

50-60 Boyz

9 Bikes

and 1 Trukk (with 2 more on their way)

I'm picking up a Battleforce next day day aswell. Any help would be greatly appreciated folks!
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IA8 is so awesome, every Ork player SHOULD have it if you got da cash. Da Orky pictures, the rules, the stories, the different klans, the posters...its all awesome.

You can field both speedy vehicles and kan behind to support, like the hammer and anvil approach a GW staff used. Max out your trukks (at least 4) to make your opponents have a hard time choosing which to shoot, and your kanz can run into range and shoot/assault your opponent. A group of Kanz have no problem getting stuck in to squads with no high strength melee weapons, or Power Fists/Klaws.

You may want to convert your regular bikes to Nob bikers + Painboy, as they are dead hard and give your opponent headaches with their natural cover save, good toughness, and Power Klaw/s on wheels. The Wierdboy is too random and can potentially kill yourself in the process, so its best to spend points for him to upgrade to a Warphead.

Competitive wise, the Wierdboy/Warphead doesn't cut it because the Warboss and Big Mek w/ KFF or SAG is much better than him. But of course if you're playing for fun, its fine...you can even change him to Old Zogworth and try to change an IC to an angry squid! :p

I actually really like this idea, is the list on the GW website or anything?

and would I put the Painboy on a bike too? If you could put together a rough list that'd be awesome :) include stuff I don't have but would need too, like Kans obviously and how many, etc.

thanks dude, thats a really cool idea.
and I'm megaforce JUST came in the day, hell yeah!

Now for the entire day of gluing
" Hammer: Ork Bikers, Snikrot and his Kommandos, A Trukk Mob or 2, and some Buggies

Anvil: 1 or 2 30 Boy Mobs, Lootas, Big Mek w/SAG, 1 or 2 Boomwagons

I also like to use a Battlewagon or 2 and Cans as a Pivot point.

This general list has worked very well in my local winter tournaments. I have a record of 12-2-1 in the last 2 tournaments. The idea is to give them too much mid-range dangerous stuff to be able to kill. If my enemy concentrates on killing one thing, somethink else will get to him. I like to do most on my damage up close and personal, and tend to choose more weapons that have an anti-personell function. I LOVE Big shootas, shootas, and Deffguns. "

thats a quote from the post. I rather like this idea, but I thought Kommandos were borderline useless?
And. . . my glue is MIA. The girlfriend cleaned up my little area when her dad came to visit and now its gone :headbutt:
Man, I get the feeling that fighting this army is going to be a pain the arse.
now we just need a damn table lol. I may have found another place to play btw, on Tuesday nights.
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