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Help Imperial Guard Infantry Army Deployment

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Sunday this week playing two games against mechanized space marines I found my 5 platoon Infantry Army hard to deploy due to the amount of models roughly 160 model army @ 2,000 points.

Each battle the opposing player would absolute flank my army effectively making 25-50% of my army out of range by pushing one 2 Foot strip very hard, then curving into the line of the company.

Does anyone have tactical advice for deploying infantry armies to counter absolute flank? I try to keep at least 6 inches between my squads to avoid deadly multi-assault combats. Resulting to me taking up 100% of my deployment zone

Each game was a close match both ending in a defeat, only by a close margin... for example one last space marine that made a cover save against my final lascannon shot resulting in a 1 kill point lead of my opponent.

How can I Maximize my infantry to counter this deployment? Thx
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One word. Reserves. Leave a platoon or two in reserves, then they can come on at the point of attack, reinforcing that area. Remember, the entire platoon will come in from reserves based on a single die roll. Use an Astropath to improve you chances of getting them early.
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