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K i need help its a 750 Tournament and i'm not sure what HQ i need. we're runnin on 4X6 preset tables with a building in the middle and mainly hills and tree's on either side

my basic set up was

10 Tac squad/w rocket launcherand flamer
10 assault squad/w 2 meltagun's
that gives me 225 for an hq unit along with a fairly good tank kill and 4 scoring units if i draw a match with objectives

but i need an HQ i figured on a libby as that would give me some psychic potential but i'm not sure if that's the best option also i'm thinkin while the vindiacator is pretty overbearing. i mean a s10 large blast is fairly awesome but i'm wondering if it might be too many points settled into one place
Opinions ?
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