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So be it.
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I want to build a list centered on 7 really cool models I just acquired: they are very well painted and were practically given to me by a friend who's leaving the game.

The models are

1 Gamesday Captain (PS, SB) - 128

Honor Guard - 215
1) Gamesday captain with PF/Bolter but pretending to just be a guy
2) An apothecary/ish figure that will be the noviate. He has plasma but can't so I'm ignoring it.
3) Plasma bearer with a company standard.
4) Plasma guy with a Power Sword, could be a normal sword.
5) Champion, could just be a normal guy if I want.

Fragioso - 135
HF as usual. Ya know.

So as I said, I want to build a list around them but I'm not sure what it should be. Probably 1,000 points, maybe 1,500.

I was thinking (other than their 475 points) a tac squad in a rhino (220) 2 5 man assault squads in razorbacks (~150 each with upgrades etc.) and maybe a razorback for the commanders and a pod for the dread?
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